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Germany: Police Helicopters hunt Graffiti-Sprayers: one dead

Berlin - no joke:
The new created military-style "Polizei des Bundes" (former special police force to secure the german borders) is now hunting graffiti sprayers in the german capitol (which is also one of the "streetart capitols" of europe) with helicopters at night.
Yesterday one man came to death.
The helicopters film sprayers with special night-view-cameras and give the information about the location of the sprayers to police units on ground - which have to capture the sprayers.
The helicopters have to fly very deep and very close above heavily populated city areas. Residents are more pissed of about the helicopters than about the sprayers.

Yesterday one innocent motor biker came to death when a police car, hunting a sprayer, crashed into him.

This new police strategy is another, until now unknow escalation of repression.

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Are they worried about the content of the grafitti? 10.Apr.2005 14:12


Homeland Security!!

Pretty much the same going on here. Cameras everywhere. Grafitti is forbidden, except "private" grafitti on the ClearChannel billboards.

political graffitis in berlin 11.Apr.2005 01:31


graffiti and streetart in berlin is really becoming more and more political...

u see slogans like "what u posses posseses u" or "smash capitalism" or rising fists and so on...