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Promised peace -- we get war

Theory behind action to stop appointment of anti-environment judges ! !

The promise made by the advocates of corporate globalization was that the elimination of trade barriers would remove the underlying causes of war. Thus, GATT was billed as the end of modern warfare. Then came genocides in Africa and the "necessity" of an air attack on the former Yugoslavia and the continued bombing of Iraq. Then there was 9/11 and, following that, Afgahanistan and Iraq. The promise of peace in a world freed of trade barriers has been replaced by the promise and the reality of perpetual warfare.

Has "everything" changed since September 11, 2001? Underlying economic and social problems involved in corporate globalization have not disappeared. Indeed, all those problems have worsened. Corporate media may try to excuse or escape from these truly overwhelming problems by a kind of 9/11 argument -- that a singularity in history has thrown things out of whack, but only temporarily. For example, the Iraq War isn't a manifestation of a systemic problem operating within the phenomenon of global capital, it's just a temporary perturbation -- or is it?
Theory behind action to stop appointment of anti-environment judges! (Scroll down for info on the action.)

In "A cloud over civilization: Corporate power is the driving force behind US foreign policy - and the slaughter in Iraq", (The Guardian, July 15, 2004), John Kenneth Galbraith writes:

<< As the corporate interest moves to power in what was the public sector, it serves the corporate interest. It is most clearly evident in the largest such movement, that of nominally private firms into the defence establishment. From this comes a primary influence on the military budget, on foreign policy, military commitment and, ultimately, military action. War.

<< Although this is a normal and expected use of money and its power, the full effect is disguised by almost all conventional expression. Mass slaughter has become the ultimate civilized achievement. >>


What has been the effect of corporate globalization? The answer to that question can be found in the fact that transnational corporations are at once both the tools and the substance of global capital. The imperatives of global capital -- for unrestrained and perpetual growth of MONETARY (not necessarily productive) capital accumulation -- are played out through the institution of the struggle for financial power, the postmodern corporation. Since 9/11, the hegemony of global capital can be viewed as either challenged or reinforced by the imperial ambitions of the U.S. under neo-con (Bush administration) rule:

Those who represent corporate power in competition with the U.S. corporate group -- the transnational money interests that have infiltrated and control the U.S. government -- those join in sporadic attempts to nibble away at the edges of U.S. influence and power. But they do not attempt to unite against the Iraq War -- because they all see the control of Iraqi Oil by forces within the realm of the W.T.O. world system as essential to the hegemony of global capital. Thus we see France and Russia and China scheming to position themselves for whatever will come after the U.S. can no longer afford to prosecute the Iraq War. But none of those members of the U. N. Security Council actually wants to see Iraqi oil free itself of the bondage imposed by the world system of which the W.T.O. is the administrative center.

Meanwhile, back home in the U.S.A., two tendencies -- growth of presidential power and the hegemony of global capital -- combine to push the U. S. toward one-party government and fascism. It is my belief that we cannot confront fascism, by whatever name you choose to give it, without confronting the constitutional crisis that has arisen from those two tendencies -- excessive power of the presidency and excessive influence over the U. S. politic by the international ("corporate") institutions of global capital. When I coin "corporate" in this context, I don't necessarily refer to the restructuring of U. S. corporate law, although that is clearly a necessary reform.



By international ("corporate") institutions I mean to refer to such financial institutions as Exxon Corporation, the Carlyle Group, Credit Suisse, the Bank of China, the Communist Party ("Animal Farm") government of China, and "our" own World Bank and IMF -- and, above all, to the W.T.O. beaurocracy and the corporate insiders that battle for control of that beaurocracy. And when I say "excessive influence" of those institutions, I do not refer necessarily to particular pools of capital that come and go in the world of global capital -- nor to any conspiracy of such particular pools of capital -- I refer rather to the systemic influence that must be wielded by the competitors for control of global.

See, Joel Kovel's THE ENEMY OF NATURE --


Also, see recent article posted by Yoshie (with a great link) --



Cynics may rationally argue that restraining the Bush administration's reach for ever greater consolidation of power is impossible, considering that the corrupting influence of the imperative for campaign $money$ works in both major parties. Since the Supreme Court, some 20 years ago, struck down any real campaign finance reform as an "unconstitutional" limitation of freedom of speech -- ruling that $money$ equals speech -- there has been no way to stop the rule of $money$ in U.S. politics.

I would argue, however, that for just those reasons, it is more important than ever for the people to make their voices heard whenever a major battle arises in the political war between the forces in favor of, and those opposed to, the further expansion of presidential powers.

I urge everyone committed to fighting corporatism/fascism in the U.S. to send a message to those senators (including Democrats, the lone Independent and, hopefully, a few patriotic Republicans) who oppose the appointment of openly partisan, activist, pro-corporatist, anti-environment, anti-democracy judges. Such judges WILL BE APPOINTED if the Republicans can do away with the Senate rule that allows such appointments to be blocked by filibusters of senators with grounds to oppose the appointments. If the filibuster rule is eliminated, it will mean further enhancement of the powers of the presidency, propelling us ever deeper into corporatism/fascism.


. . . from making your views known to the U.S. Senate about anti-environment judges ! ! !

"EarthJustice ALERT - stop appointment of anti-environment judges!"


From the EarthJustice ACTION ALERT --

Oppose Judicial Nominee Myers and the Nuclear Option

The Senate will soon vote on the re-nomination of former Interior Solicitor William Myers to a lifetime seat on the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which decides the fate of environmental safeguards for nine western states. The Senate's Republican leadership is so determined to become a rubber stamp for the White House, they are planning to violate long-standing Senate rules to push through previously blocked, extreme anti-environmental nominees like Myers. This tactic has been dubbed the "nuclear option" by its proponents because it would effectively shut down the Senate.



To tell your senators to oppose William Myers's lifetime nomination go to the EarthJusice link -


AND don't forget to sign the on-line petition of the League of Conservation Voters --


IT'S NOW OR NEVER -- the vote on Myers hasn't been scheduled yet, but it could be as early as next Tuesday!

Better yet download an excellent pdf pamphlet made available by the NAACP. (Myers isn't just anti-environment, he's anti-human.) Check out the NAACP's pdf pamphlet on how to oppose the packing of the courts --


(If you don't have a pdf reader such as Adobe, you can check out the pamphlet as HTML by googling on it -- GOOGLE makes HTML versions available on-line for many pdf files.)

NAACP details many actions in addition to on-line, such as phoning to your senator's office.

You can also write your own letter, using information gathered by Friends of the Earth to assist you in that --


According to Friends of the Earth:

On Tuesday, the Senate will vote on the nomination of William Myers to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a critically important federal court that oversees nearly 500 million acres of western public lands. Myers is a career anti-environmental advocate: he recently served as the top lawyer at the Interior Department, aggressively weakening the same environmental laws that he formerly fought as a lobbyist for the grazing and mining industries. Rather than serving as an impartial judge, Myers will continue acting as a one-sided advocate for special interests if he receives a lifetime judicial appointment.

It wouldn't hurt to let the Democrats in the Senate hear about your opposition to the packing of the courts AND ESPECIALLY YOUR OPPOSITION TO MYERS --


The current Bush nominees are not only pro-corporatist and anti-environmental -- they are generally not even well-qualified!

Check it out --  http://www.democrats.org/scotus/bushrecord.html

If you want more information about how the system works in the Senate with judicial nominees and filibusters --


Also, check out --
"The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party" (a public information project from TheocracyWatch.org)