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Hotel Rwanda

Quaker Trauma reconciliation works in Rwanda,and Burundi. HIV/AIDS remains unsolved.
Censorship is alive and well in the conservative community of Salem, Oregon. Delegations came from Burundi with exciting successes about trauma reconciliation between Hutu and Tutsi. A press release was submitted to the Statesman Journal but never saw the light of day. When the Statesman Journal was contacted for a live interview with Africans they were not given the time of day. On the hopeful side of things, at OHSU and in Gottingen, Germany elimination of expensive drug cocktails reduces increase in resistant strains of HIV. This is ongoing research. When the wild type re-emerges and dominates, it is virulent, BUT treatable at much lower cost. Also NPR notes that a drug is available for rape victims that prevents transmission of HIV/AIDS to the fetus. Not to overlook traditional methods of treatment, an African from Botswana related the following incident regarding a strain of malaria that causes severe brain damage. An urban African couple moved to the bush. The husband went out hunting. The wife fell into a coma. A neighbor noticed the wife apparently sleeping and returned two days later, realizing it was a coma. The old woman neighbor gathered medicinal herbs and created a steam bath. When the wife awoke, the old woman had her sip a tea of the same infusion. The wife recovered completely. Had she been treated in a western style, she would have physically recovered, but likely would have been brain dead. Africans take note. A historical note about Tutsi/Hutu genocide: It was instigated by the Belgians artificially, and exacerbated into genocide by the Americans and British in the nineties when they sought to impose democracy on these countries, and minorities panicked, initiating genocide. Another coup for democracry - western style.