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how many of you hotblooded activist types have experienced this same phenom. ?
my whole nervous system is flooded with high amperage juice for a couple of days after a little C D activity.
as a result , the nether regions get an extra charge as well , so the passion of the moment becomes the passion of momentum in a sexual sense.
sharing this momentum with a partner ( preferably one who was there for the fun ) is what i would call a stone cold reward for standing up for what you believe in !!!

love those endorphins! 09.Apr.2005 11:00


yes indeed.

Direct action, when accompanied by friends is quite a high. I hope you do lots of actions, and get the coveted reward!


true for me 09.Apr.2005 11:06

oh totally

I'm right htere with ya. That's happened to me more than once.

Franklin said two things are, like, durable items: endorphins and taxes 10.Apr.2005 17:59

George W. Bush

I agree with a whole heart with you activista types of people.

For instance, I know what its like sort of I mean. When I get to kill or rape a little child or even an older woman or invade a country I always get the same feeling that I am nearer to God, you konw that squirmy inside feeling. That's the direct action I like. When you guys are just doing little things in the street, worried about being punished, think of the high I have without any fear because no one can punish me.

That's what makes me powerful, or I feel "mad, bad, and dangerous to know." Where did that come from? Was that in some movie I saw. Anyway, I bet you my high is 1000x badder than yours.

I promised myself I won't analyze myself too much. Back to what feels good!

Remember April 15! Your day to pay me for my pleasures!
endorphins and taxes
endorphins and taxes

Imagine how you'd feel... 11.Apr.2005 10:50


Imagine how you'd feel if the action wasn't pc, er, I mean cd.

Erotic Revolution 11.Apr.2005 19:57


Pounding on pavement, nervous anticipation
Of change demanding to cum
As dedicated hearts, critical minds
Dance in unison to the drum

Winds of change carrying
Ecstatic tingle along my spine
Through ominous eyes gazing
Thousands of beautiful people in line

Pushing forward - harder, faster, stronger
Demanding a new tomorrow
When throws of passion
Replace current sorrow

Body begins to tremble and quake
The awakening every nerve-ending
As the climactic crowd moves on
Unstoppable, the masses unbending

Legs lock, toes curl
Head begins to spin
In my loins I feel the cry
Let Revolution begin

Ode to the stars 11.Apr.2005 23:06


Oh George Bush, Dear Georgie-Pie.

Sweet cupcakes, muchckins, nectar of the sweetest godly like juices of life. Salt of my world. Song that I wake to every morning while singing praises to your very being, covetting your brilliant rays of sunshine, the highest heights we achieve together ring ALL THE CHURCH BELLS IN THE LAND. We truly make music together, sir.

Oh Gerogi. Gerogei, Gerogei, Oh YOU! Oh GEORGE! YES! YES!

How I miss you when you are gone for EVEN A MINUTE,

Oh stars,
stars and blimps and roving copters,

How I do love my stealthy, silent, Georgie-poo.

Every time I touch myself I think of him and his benevolence.


God bless him and all of his friends and everyone he knows. Ah yes.

SWEET JESUS !! 12.Apr.2005 18:00

spyder eye

i knew you were out there......i could feel your energy when the battle was close at hand.
yet another benefit of putting it on the line.
thanx for the excellent commentary and perspective ,
hope to encounter your energy next time ,
and we all know there will be a next time
s. e.

the above 14.Apr.2005 22:23

s. e.

makes no reference to georgie-poo , it's addressed to the REAL PEOPLE : the brothers and sisters .