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Animal Liberation Prisoner Peter Young Update [April 7, 2005]

On October 28, 1997 Sheboygan County Sheriff's deputies in Wisconsin pulled over Justin Samuel and Peter Young, after fur farmers suspected they were watching their mink barns. Authorities found items that led to a six-count federal indictment against Samuel and Young.
Peter Young Support Flyer
Peter Young Support Flyer
Peter Young Support Flyer
Peter Young Support Flyer
Peter Young Update April 7, 2005

Since your phone calls came pouring into the jail, and with pressure from his attorney, Peter has received a chest X Ray for his TB test, and has been getting 3 vegetarian meals a day, for almost a week! Great job everyone! Peter is deeply appreciative of your support. Peter is still in solitary, however, because he is currently a maximum security prisoner. He will be reclassified within the next month, meaning he will have a chance then of being moved into general population in the near future.

Peter originally had a court date scheduled for Monday, April 11, but it has been rescheduled to April 13th. Peter has expressed his appreciation for all the letters he have received; it gives him a nice escape from his cell. He has also started receiving books. Even if you have already written Peter, please write him again. Letters from the outside are an important part of his day! Unfortunately Peter is unable to send out letters at this time, but that will change in the future. If you would like a response, include your mailing address.

Send letters to:

BOOKING #05015987, PFN #DVF828
SAN JOSE, CA 95110

He cannot receive stamps, extra paper, or anything besides a basic letter in an envelope. For more information on what can and cannot be sent to peter, visit www.supportpeter.com/letters.htm Also, a support fund has been set up for Peter.
Donations to help with his case can be sent to:
Peter Young Support Fund
740A 14th St. #237
San Francisco, CA 94114

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportpeter.com
address: address: Peter Young Support Fund,740A 14th St. #237, San Francisco, CA 94114