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KBOO morning news story list 4/8/05

posted for your review and feedback.
let us know if we missed anything.
producer: becca bartleson
internet editor & anchor: chris andreae

senate considers bill to end golden parachutes in
reformers push for taxpayer funded campaigns in
lawmakers in oregon told more preparation needed for
berkeley says affirmitive action ban causing low
minority enrollment
minutemen volunteers investigated for immigrant
nj casino regulators subpeona kerik
ct civil union supported by republican governor
court to hear states push epa on global warming
epa nominee questioned about children and poison
gonzales recuses himself from enron trials
death squads strike again in rio de janeiro
mexico votes to bar presidential hopeful
report claims evidence of mugabe rigging in zimbabwe
rwanda marks 11th anniversay of the genocide that
killed half a million
ira considering sinn fein call to down arms

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