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suspicions: Marburg

The US has a long history of bio-attacks. Is Marburg really natural?
In the 1980s, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever broke out in Cuba. It was a very odd outbreak; it showed up in several cities simultaneously. CUBASEC later determined that it was a US bioweapons attack. Many children died. The US has also dropped bugs on Cuban crops.

What country has an ongoing social and economic tie to Angola, as its liberator at the battle of Cuito Cuanavale? Answer: Cuba. Where is the Marburg outbreak most likely to spread by air traffic? What country was unsuccessfully attacked by the US in the Seventies, using a Contra army led by Jonas Savimbi? Who do the frustrated US spooks hate the most in Africa? Answer: Angola.

This Marburg virus is a horror. There is no cure, no vaccination.

The Marburg outbreak may be purely accidental, but: it has a far deadlier mortality rate than "normal" Marburg, and for a few days the news was treated by the US corporate press as uninteresting or insignificant. This got my attention, as did a series of reports from Recombinomics that seemed to have the latest, freshest and most verifiable information. Why is a bio-engineering firm so interested in this tragedy? I sent the following email to its founder:

Dear Dr. Niman:

I am Theresa Mitchell, a public affairs
programmer at
KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon. I have been
some of your reports on the Marburg outbreak. I
like to ask a few questions:

1. What is the interest of Recombinonics in the
outbreak? Are you studying the dynamics of viral

2. Your organization has sequenced the Bird Flu
gene(s). Have you received goverment funds for
research? If so, what was their interest in the

3. Your reports from Angola seem to anticipate
press reports at times. What, or who, is your
of information in Angola?

Thanking you for your time

Theresa Mitchell
KBOO Radio
20 SE 8th
Portland, OR 97214

--Here's hoping I'm barking up the wrong tree.
no dice 08.Apr.2005 23:25

theresa mitchell

the email bounced.

Sending E-mails 17.May.2005 18:55

niman henry_niman@recombinomics.com

I get quite a few e-mails a day at  henry_niman@recombinomics.com . Not sure why yours would bounce.