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Car Hits My Woman-Friend On Bike

Any suggestions on what to do in such situations?
Today my woman-friend was hit by a mini-van driver who was not looking for bikers. The mini-van woman sat inside her van for a minute while my WF gathered herself and belongings out of the street. The mini-vanner exclaimed 'are you ok deary?' that's all. my WF wasn't sure what to do - she was all right - the bike seemed ride-able - the van was turning but did not run over either my WF or the bike.

what should she have done?

what should we tell friends to do in similar situations?

this is actually an instance 08.Apr.2005 14:32


when you call the police. you have them fill out an accident report. you get a copy of the assailant's (driver's) information. if it turns out later that you're injured or your bike needs repair, you know who to take to task.

if possible, it's great if the driver gets a ticket. in some cases, this will result in their insurance rates going up (!!!) and whenever they write out those increased checks, they'll remember why. hopefully that's a reminder to make them more careful.

I've been there 09.Apr.2005 01:56


I was hit by a car this past winter. It was a four way stop and we both went through, only I was already in the intersection when the driver hit me. The driver stopped and asked if I was alright and if the bike was alright. I should have taken the driver's contact info so I could have reported them. However, I was shaken and thought it was my fault because I didn't stop, so I didn't want to file a claim because I thought I could get in trouble for running the stop sign. The side of my foot was burning but I knew nothing was broken. The bike looked OK so I got on and rode off. It was night time so I couldn't see that my bike was actually a little fucked up. A couple spokes were broken and my wheel was terribly out of true. My foot turned out to be a big, tender bruise, but that went away in a week and was fine. My back was fucked though. I had to go to the chiropracter several times. My family's insurance paid for it (so we didn't go broke paying for the bills) but it should have been that asshole's insurance paying for it. Teach them to run a sign w/o looking for bikes! btw, I had front and back lights that were bright and working.

My advice: definitely get the driver's contact info (even if you think it's you're fault--it's almost never the biker's fault). Take down the license plate number and decription of the car in case the contact info you're given is false. File a claim with the insurance agency. I personally wouldn't bring the cops in cause I hate cops and don't want to have anything to do with them, even if it involves punishing someone who hurt me.

good luck.

hey "i" 09.Apr.2005 15:09


You know that big red octogon with the white letters that read "STOP"? If you don't stop for one of those, even if you are on a bike, the collision that results is your fault. If you don't believe me, read the traffic law. Bicycles are vehicles under the definition provided in Oregon law (Chapter 801, I think). Furthermore, you violated 811.265 when you declined to stop for the traffic control device, namely, the stop sign. You probably did what was in your best interest by driving away, since you would have been found liable for any damage to the vehicle that you drove out in front of.

Having said that, please don't take me as anti-bike. I ride my bike to the Tri-Met stop or ride to work during nice weather rather than drive my car. I know that's not as hard core as some of you, but I have had the experience of almost being hit by an unobservant driver. I choose to take the view that my bike and I weight about one tenth of a ton, and the car that's going to hit me weights twenty to thirty times like that, so maybe I shouldn't do things like run stop signs. I believe it's called common sense, if nothing else.

have your lady friend wear a bright yellow or safty orange BURKKA 10.Apr.2005 10:32

dingo the clown-friend

If your lady friend had been wearing a bright colored bukka, she would have been fine.I wear a glowing "hanford brand" monkey suit and never have a problem(other than radiation sickness)
I always tell the kids to throw rocks at cars regardless of where they see them

A reminder... 11.Apr.2005 11:01


Perhaps a nice bootprint in the mini-van would have served as a reminder to drive more carefully.

cars kill people, bikes don't 13.Apr.2005 19:23


Always make it as big of a pain in the ass for the car, they know they're ok, lookout for yourself. Fuck em anyhow, anytime they dont give you the right of way the deserve to get messed with. Its like ten times my size, don't let yourself be a victim!