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election fraud

E-mail ACTION ALERT ! (State of Washington)

Your immediate action is needed to ensure safe and accurate elections in the state of Washington. The legislators must hear from all of us as soon as possible, or we may lose our chance to ensure paper ballots in Washington. ESSB 5395 requires a voter-verified paper record of each vote, makes that paper record the official record for recounts and audits, and requires an audit of the records produced by electronic voting machines. This is a good bill. It was passed unanimously by the Washington State Senate, and by the House State Government Operations and Accountability Committee. Now two auditors, Bob Terwilliger of Snohomish County and Corky Mattingly of Yakima County, have written to the legislators, attempting to kill the bill before it is enacted, claiming the bill is supported *only by a few vocal citizens.
E-mail sent out by Ellen Theisen of VotersUnite.org


TAKE THESE ACTIONS NOW! Do as many as of the following you can in the order shown.

1. Email to Representative Chopp, Speaker of the House, urging him to release the bill to the House floor for a vote, with a "do-pass" recommendation. His email address is  Chopp_fr@leg.wa.gov. Use a subject line of "Pass ESSB 5395"

2. Email to all the members of the House Rules Committee urging them to expedite the passage of ESSB 5395. Cut-and-paste Rules Committee email addresses (full contact information further below):

 Anderson_gl@leg.wa.gov;  Armstron_mi@leg.wa.gov;  Blake_br@leg.wa.gov;  Chandler_br@leg.wa.gov;  Chopp_fr@leg.wa.gov;  Clibborn_ju@leg.wa.gov;  Ericksen_do@leg.wa.gov;  Flanniga_de@leg.wa.gov;  Grant_wi@leg.wa.gov;  Hudgins_za@leg.wa.gov;  Hunt_sa@leg.wa.gov;  Kessler_ly@leg.wa.gov;  Lovick_Jo@leg.wa.gov;  Mcdonald_jo@leg.wa.gov;  Morrell_da@leg.wa.gov;  Shabro_ja@leg.wa.gov;  Tom_ro@leg.wa.gov;

3. Email all the members of the Senate Gov/Ops and House State Gov/Ops Committees. Cut-and-paste email addresses for the House Committee (full contact info below):  Green_ta@leg.wa.gov;  Haigh_ka@leg.wa.gov;  Hunt_sa@leg.wa.gov;  Mcdermot_jo@leg.wa.gov;  Miloscia_ma@leg.wa.gov;  Nixon_To@leg.wa.gov;  Schindle_ly@leg.wa.gov;  Sump_ro@leg.wa.gov

Cut-and-paste email addresses of the Senate Committee (full contact info below):
 Benton_do@leg.wa.gov;  Berkey_je@leg.wa.gov;  Fairley_da@leg.wa.gov;  Haugen_ma@leg.wa.gov;  Kastama_Ja@leg.wa.gov;  Kline_ad@leg.wa.gov;  Mccaslin_bo@leg.wa.gov;  Mulliken_jo@leg.wa.gov;  Pridemor_cr@leg.wa.gov;  Roach_pa@leg.wa.gov

4. Email your Senator and both Representatives, telling them you support this bill. You can find your representatives here on WashBlog. If you do not know your legislators, go to:  http://www1.leg.wa.gov/legislature. Enter your address and zip in the yellow boxes and click the Search button.

5. Email all the other Senators and Representatives, telling them you support this bill. Email addresses and phone numbers for all are at the end of this email. Just after the asterisk line below, the email addresses are set up so you can simply copy a set and paste into the To box of your email program. Full contact info is at the end of the email.

Sample text for your email: "ESSB 5395 is the most popular election reform bill before the Washington State Legislature. It was passed unanimously by both the Senate and the House State Government Committee. The people of the State of Washington support this bill. Please do all you can to get this bill enacted during this session."


1. Follow up your email to Representative Chopp with a phone call urging him to expedite the passage of ESSB 5395. His phone number is 360-786-7920

2. Follow up your email to your own Senator and Representatives with phone calls, urging their support for the bill.

 ahern.john@leg.wa.gov;  alexander.gary@leg.wa.gov;  anderson.glenn@leg.wa.gov;  appleton.sherry@leg.wa.gov;  armstrong.mike@leg.wa.gov;  bailey.barbara@leg.wa.gov;  blake.brian@leg.wa.gov;  buck.jim@leg.wa.gov;  buri.david@leg.wa.gov;  campbell.tom@leg.wa.gov;  chandler.bruce@leg.wa.gov;  chase.maralyn@leg.wa.gov;  chopp.frank@leg.wa.gov;  clibborn.judy@leg.wa.gov;  cody.eileen@leg.wa.gov;  condotta.cary@leg.wa.gov;  conway.steve@leg.wa.gov;  cox.don@leg.wa.gov;  crouse.larry@leg.wa.gov;  curtis.richard@leg.wa.gov;  darneille.j@leg.wa.gov;  debolt.richard@leg.wa.gov;  dickerson.marylou@leg.wa.gov;  dunn.jim@leg.wa.gov;  dunshee.hans@leg.wa.gov;  eickmeyer.william@leg.wa.gov;  ericks.mark@leg.wa.gov;  ericksen.doug@leg.wa.gov;  flannigan.dennis@leg.wa.gov;  fromhold.bill@leg.wa.gov;  grant.william@leg.wa.gov ;  green.tami@leg.wa.gov;  haigh.kathy@leg.wa.gov;  haler.larry@leg.wa.gov;  hankins.shirley@leg.wa.gov;  hasegawa.bob@leg.wa.gov;  hinkle.bill@leg.wa.gov;  holmquist.janea@leg.wa.gov;  hudgins.zack@leg.wa.gov;  hunt.sam@leg.wa.gov;  hunter.ross@leg.wa.gov;  jarrett.fred@leg.wa.gov;  kagi.ruth@leg.wa.gov;  kenney.phyllis@leg.wa.gov;  kessler.lynn@leg.wa.gov;  kilmer.derek@leg.wa.gov;
 kirby.steve@leg.wa.gov;  kretz.joel@leg.wa.gov;  kristiansen.dan@leg.wa.gov;  lantz.patricia@leg.wa.gov;  linville.kelli@leg.wa.gov;  lovick.john@leg.wa.gov;  mccoy.john@leg.wa.gov;  mccune.jim@leg.wa.gov;  mcdermott.joe@leg.wa.gov;  mcdonald.joyce@leg.wa.gov;  mcintire.jim@leg.wa.gov;  miloscia.mark@leg.wa.gov;  moeller.jim@leg.wa.gov;  morrell.dawn@leg.wa.gov;  morris.jeff@leg.wa.gov;  murray.edward@leg.wa.gov;  newhouse.dan@leg.wa.gov;  nixon.toby@leg.wa.gov;  obrien.al@leg.wa.gov;  orcutt.ed@leg.wa.gov;  ormsby.timm@leg.wa.gov;  pearson.kirk@leg.wa.gov;  pettigrew.eric@leg.wa.gov;  priest.skip@leg.wa.gov;  quall.dave@leg.wa.gov;  roach.dan@leg.wa.gov;  roberts.maryhelen@leg.wa.gov;  rodne.jay@leg.wa.gov;  santos.sharon@leg.wa.gov;  schindler.lynn@leg.wa.gov;  schual-berke.shay@leg.wa.gov;  sells.mike@leg.wa.gov;  serben.john@leg.wa.gov;  shabro.jan@leg.wa.gov;  simpson.geoff@leg.wa.gov;  skinner.mary@leg.wa.gov;  sommers.helen@leg.wa.gov;  springer.larry@leg.wa.gov;  strow.chris@leg.wa.gov;  sullivan.brian@leg.wa.gov;  sullivan.pat@leg.wa.gov;  sump.bob@leg.wa.gov;  takko.dean@leg.wa.gov;  talcott.gigi@leg.wa.gov;  tom.rodney@leg.wa.gov;  upthegrove.dave@leg.wa.gov;  wallace.deb@leg.wa.gov;  walsh.maureen@leg.wa.gov;  williams.brendan@leg.wa.gov;  wood.alex@leg.wa.gov;  woods.beverly@leg.wa.gov

 benson.brad@leg.wa.gov;  benton.don@leg.wa.gov;  berkey.jean@leg.wa.gov;  brandland.dale@leg.wa.gov;  brown.lisa@leg.wa.gov;  carrell.michael@leg.wa.gov;  deccio.alex@leg.wa.gov;  delvin.jerome@leg.wa.gov;  doumit.mark@leg.wa.gov;  eide.tracey@leg.wa.gov;  esser.luke@leg.wa.gov;  fairley.darlene@leg.wa.gov;  finkbeiner.bill@leg.wa.gov;  franklin.rosa@leg.wa.gov;  fraser.karen@leg.wa.gov;  hargrove.jim@leg.wa.gov;  haugen.marymargaret@leg.wa.gov;  hewitt.mike@leg.wa.gov;  honeyford.jim@leg.wa.gov;  jacobsen.ken@leg.wa.gov;  johnson.stephen@leg.wa.gov;  kastama.jim@leg.wa.gov;  keiser.karen@leg.wa.gov;  kline.adam@leg.wa.gov;  kohl-welles.jeanne@leg.wa.gov;  mcauliffe.rosemary@leg.wa.gov;  mccaslin.bob@leg.wa.gov;  morton.bob@leg.wa.gov;  mulliken.j@leg.wa.gov;  oke.bob@leg.wa.gov;  parlette.linda@leg.wa.gov;  pflug.cheryl@leg.wa.gov;  poulsen.erik@leg.wa.gov;  prentice.margarita@leg.wa.gov;  pridemore.craig@leg.wa.gov;  rasmussen.marilyn@leg.wa.gov;  regala.debbie@leg.wa.gov;  roach.pam@leg.wa.gov;  rockefeller.phil@leg.wa.gov;  schmidt.dave@leg.wa.gov;  schoesler.mark@leg.wa.gov;  sheldon.timothy@leg.wa.gov;  shin.paull@leg.wa.gov;  spanel.harriet@leg.wa.gov;  stevens.val@leg.wa.gov;  swecker.dan@leg.wa.gov;  thibaudeau.pat@leg.wa.gov;  weinstein.brian@leg.wa.gov;  zarelli.joseph@leg.wa.gov; ***************
House Rules Committee Members (Phone 360 prefix) (Email addresses have the _ between parts of the last and first names) Frank Chopp - Chair (D)
 Chopp_fr@leg.wa.gov 786-7920 Legislative Assistant: Karan Gill Bruce Chandler - Ranking Minority Member (R)
 Chandler_br@leg.wa.gov 786-7960 LA: Julie Peters Mike Armstrong - Asst Ranking Minority Member (R)
 Armstron_mi@leg.wa.gov 786-7832 LA: Wanda Brosey Glenn Anderson (R)
 Anderson_gl@leg.wa.gov 786-7876 LA: Sarah Cook Brian Blake (D)
 Blake_br@leg.wa.gov 786-7870 LA: Shirley Wilcox Judy Clibborn (D)
 Clibborn_ju@leg.wa.gov 786-7926 LA: Ann Lewis Doug Ericksen (R)
 Ericksen_do@leg.wa.gov 786-7980 LA: Sandy Ruff Dennis Flannigan (D)
 Flanniga_de@leg.wa.gov 786-7930 LA: Maralise Hood Bill Grant (D)
 Grant_wi@leg.wa.gov 786-7828 LA: Megan Walsh Zack Hudgins (D)
 Hudgins_za@leg.wa.gov 786-7956 LA: Elizabeth Hummel Sam Hunt (D)
 Hunt_sa@leg.wa.gov 786-7992 LA: Meagan Brown Lynn Kessler (D)
 Kessler_ly@leg.wa.gov 786-7904 LA: Kelley Flynn John Lovick (D)
 Lovick_Jo@leg.wa.gov 786-7892 LA: Ann Plunkett Joyce McDonald (R)
 Mcdonald_jo@leg.wa.gov 786-7948 LA: Meredith Policani Dawn Morrell (D)
 Morrell_da@leg.wa.gov 786-7968 LA: Annie Johnson Jan Shabro (R)
 Shabro_ja@leg.wa.gov 786- 7866 LA: Michael Ennis Rodney Tom (R)
 Tom_ro@leg.wa.gov 786-7848 LA: Suzette Cooper ******************
House State Government, Operations, and Accountabiltiy Committee Members (Prefix 360) Jim Clements (R)
(No email. Fax: 360-786-1066) 360-786-7856 Legislative Assistant: Cindy Harris Tami Green (D)
 Green_ta@leg.wa.gov 786-7958 LA: Michelle Butler Kathy Haigh (D) Chair
 Haigh_ka@leg.wa.gov 786-7966 LA: Kim Moores Joe McDermott (D)
 Mcdermot_jo@leg.wa.gov 786-7952 LA: Matt Judge Mark Miloscia (D)
 Miloscia_ma@leg.wa.gov 786-7898 LA: Pam Zielinski Toby Nixon (R)
 Nixon_To@leg.wa.gov 786-7878 LA: Dan Ballif Bob Sump (R)
 Sump_ro@leg.wa.gov 786-7908 LA: Tawnya Smith Lynn Schindler (R)
 Schindle_ly@leg.wa.gov 786-7984 LA: Nichole Smith Sam Hunt (D)
 Hunt_sa@leg.wa.gov 786-7992 LA: Meagan Brown ******************
Senate Government, Operations & Elections Committee (Prefix 360)

Jim Kastama (D) Chair  Kastama_Ja@leg.wa.gov 786-7648 LA: Mary Sherman

Jean Berkey (D) Vice Chair  Berkey_je@leg.wa.gov 786-7674 LA: Joan Aspaas

Pam Roach (R) Ranking Minority Member  Roach_pa@leg.wa.gov 786-7660 LA: Deryl McCarty

Don Benton (R)  Benton_do@leg.wa.gov 786-7632 LA: Brian Lohr

Darlene Fairley (D)  Fairley_da@leg.wa.gov 786-7662 LA: Anne Butigan

Mary Margaret Haugen (D)  Haugen_ma@leg.wa.gov 786-7618 LA: Nova Gattman

Adam Kline (D)  Kline_ad@leg.wa.gov 786-7688 LA: Bryn Houghton

Bob McCaslin (R)  Mccaslin_bo@leg.wa.gov 786-7606 LA: Michael McCliment

Joyce Mulliken (R)  Mulliken_jo@leg.wa.gov 786-7624 LA: Kyle Lynch

Craig Pridemore (D)  Pridemor_cr@leg.wa.gov 786-7696 LA: Alison Mielke *******************

sounds like a great bill 04.Apr.2005 23:38


we've got the paper ballots in this part of Cascadia (the part temporarily known as "Oregon") but they are counted by machines of course and i don't what kind (if any) of audits of that process take place.

make it happen there, and maybe we can improve things on this side of the columbia.

. 05.Apr.2005 07:33