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Conservatives: Underrepresented in Academia?

Are there fewer conservatives in academia than there ought to be? A new study that suggests as much is making a splash in the corporate media: Stanley Rothman, S. Robert Lichter, and Neil Nevitte, "Politics and Professional Advancement among College Faculty," The Forum 3.1 (2005). To claim that there was a "sharp shift to the left" in academia in recent years, Rothman, Lichter, and Nevitte played a statistical trick.
FULL TEXT: http://montages.blogspot.com/2005/04/conservatives-underrepresented-in.html.

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makes sense 02.Apr.2005 18:14

Sherlock 007

Since academia is largely paid on government payroll, it makes sense that they would lean to the left. And conservatives are typically business oriented and so would be less represented in academia.

look at how pro big scale ideologies--both right and left--are supported? 02.Apr.2005 20:25

another angle

I would think there is more to it than this simply dichotomy, because the government is a right wing corporate state.

Thus a particular type of pro-corporate consolidated rightism and managerial mindset would be supported as much as a particular type of pro nationalist nationalized programme type of mindset. This is because they are absolutely identitical in policies: toward managerialism.

What I would say is selected against is anything really green or libertarian--sometimes with vehemence, for instance see the career of conservative though libertarian 'small economy' proponent Antony Sutton. Or see the case in the early 1970s I think of Marcuse.

blah blah blah 02.Apr.2005 20:27

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Academia 02.Apr.2005 21:03

March Hare

Academia doesn't need more small minds in it. The fewer conservatives the better.

Underrepresented in Academia 03.Apr.2005 08:22


Klansmen, bacteria, and mollusks are also underrepresented in academia. I think there is a connection here if we look carefully.

correction 03.Apr.2005 12:55

6th grade education

actually acadamia needs more minds large and small, left and right.
to engage in an actuall discourse that may lead anywhere we need ALL voices, including and especially those under represented and those we despise and disagree with, that is what leads to true discourse.

for good reason 03.Apr.2005 22:03

U man

It's obvious why there are less Bush supporters (which has nothing to do with true conservatism) in academia. It takes a brain to be an academic. Academic inquiry is not about some sort of political "balance". That would be idiotic. It's about the serious and difficult search for the truth. That excludes Bush supporters by definition.

Besides, teaching doesn't pay much. Any smart right-wingers are out exploiting the world and getting rich in the process. Academics tend to be people who care more about people and ideas than money. No wonder more of them are from the left side of the spectrum.

? 04.Apr.2005 06:03


"Since academia is largely paid on government payroll, it makes sense that they would lean to the left."!!! Academics at "public" institutions are certainly on government payrolls, but not academics employed by private institutions. And, why does a publicly-funded population of left-leaning academics make sense?

State funded college, health care. 04.Apr.2005 12:16


"And, why does a publicly-funded population of left-leaning academics make sense?"

"Big Government". Social Democracy. Welfare State. Education over militarism. Alot of ideas on the left jive well with getting the state to fund your living as a teacher.

Whereas, for the reasons listed above, its harder to get intelligent right wingers interested in teaching. Alot of their students, after all, are people who would be easier to profit from were they uneducated.

But I did have one vocal conservative teacher. Out of hundreds of teachers. Many of whom I knew to be either Democrats or radicals.

And also what was said above about academia being to a large extent a quest for truth I think is very succinct. False and overbearing morality and excessive profit are best upheld through lies, not truth.

signal to 04.Apr.2005 17:36

noise rati0d3xajdkfj12203j

Almost a decade of experience with the internet as a mass medium should make it clear by now that "discourse" does not inherently "lead anywhere." There will always be more shit-talk. Forever. Direct action leads somewhere, whether by us or by them.

So what am I doing here? It's slightly educational and slightly entertaining. It's not changing the world.