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Long story short, today I got $700 worth of tickets on my bike in Gresham

Today, as I often do, I commuted to work by bike. Living at 75th and Holgate and riding to 242nd and Burnside in Gresham is a pretty long ride for me on my mountain bike but one that I usually thoroughly enjoy.
Nearing the end of my ride in downtown Gresham, I cut through a parking lot as I always do. Taking a right out of this lot, I see 3 guys crossing the street. Otherwise the street is void of traffic. We did this I kinda stop, they kinda stop, who is going to do what sort of thing. Like a deer in headlights. I manuever around the guys thinking no harm no foul. Even though and especially so that one of the guys' coat was open and I could see a badge attached to his belt.
Thinking everything is cool, I approached the next stop sign. T-intersection across from Jazzy Bagels.
As I got to the intersection, one of the guys (officers) yelled at me from behind. As I always wear a helmet I didnt hear what he said, but being an avid rider, I am used to being yelled at. Especially in Gresham. And as usual my rhetorical response is fuck you!(say what you will)! Badge or no badge you yell at me and I will yell back. I did. Fuck You!
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