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VIDEO:GRIGGS whistleblower,homosexuality as U.S. state blackmail in drug running/terrorism

keeping in mind the whole Gosch/Gannon issue, this fits right into it, lock and key.

You want to know a major "administrative" network running the world? And in terrorism operations in the West, from behind the scenes: everything from drug running, organized crime, pedophilia, The Franklin Cover Up, Gannon/Gosch, war profiterring in munitions corporations, compromised whole General Staff of the U.S. military, state terrorism operations, fake wars, homosexual/heterosexual 'hazing' rituals for later blackmailing purposes in the miltiary and in the intelligence services, Zionists of NYC, German Nazis, the Nazi Krupp corporate state family, Eisenhower, Bohemian Grove, psychological 'ruining' effects of such 'hazings,' sponsored lower economic class boys who are 'turned' to be willing lackeys to a power structure that is bisexual, parasitial, and operating as a dual informal power structure across all networks of formal power.

She says, it's called "The Joint".
Kay Griggs
Kay Griggs
VIDEO:GRIGGS whistleblower,homosexuality as U.S. state blackmail in drug running/terrorism
by repost Monday, Mar. 28, 2005 at 1:42 PM

Here's one of my interests in this story: it keeps the U.S./mil CIA drug running operations in place, operations actually verified in 1998 by a quiet report issued by the CIA, quoted by Michael Ruppert... Thus, with the popular hatred of homosexuality, the threat of exposure becomes a political football: IT IS USED FOR STATE BLACKMAIL FOR FACILIATING ILLEGAL U.S. SPONSORED STATE TERRORIST AND DRUG RUNNING OPERATIONS. The intentional use of it as a ritual of later blackmail, does seem to be the mechanism that keeps the drug trade personnel in the U.S. government going. There are implications that the same networks have been used in Lebanon as well. [The point is to create a network that is blackmailable enough to do covert and illegal black operations that are harmful to democracy, and which in this case, many indeed be the selfsame main U.S. state terrorist network that the U.S. uses for its own self-hits. The information about the intentional laying down of sexual blackmail and its use starts around 3 min in to the first video.

two videos to download/watch, here, around 40 min.

Kay Griggs is another woman who wants a better world.
Will the men give it to her?

She lays it all out. Here's how power seems to work presently. It all fits very well. I only say that because of a lot of books I have read on many issues dealing with rather "real power" issues of our time, which only elaborate and confirm what she is talking about. Otherwise, like many it would be such an overload of "cognitive dissonance" that you might think she is addled, or be hoping that this isn't real.

However, only because I was able to click off in my head various points from her video testimony, I can recommend viewing this. I found myself simply nodding, nodding, nodding.

It's nice to have one's assumptions confirmed by a parallel person's brave statements from the inside, who cares for democracy and who is speaking out.

If you really want to know what you are facing, here's an insider's perspective. Very timely concerning the Gannon/Gosch issue, as well as government coverup successes.

more information on Kay Griggs, her sources, and two videos to download/watch, here, around 40 min.
Thanks for posting 28.Mar.2005 18:31

A must view for All who seek the truth

Thanks! I watched both videos and all I can say is ---WOW! Keep the gannon/Gosh story alive and don't let the Schiavo bread and circuses media distract you from the Franklin Cover-up!

not downloading 28.Mar.2005 19:23

mac user

this is downloading as a text file, not to my media player. is this usable in windows media player series 9 for mac? I've also got other media players if you know of another source for this video or know why my windows media player might not be reading this properly. Thanks

went to the source 28.Mar.2005 20:48


went to the source site for the download and windows read downloaded it immediately. Thanks for being up on this important and provoking commentary from someone obviously knowledgable about networks of corrupt military power in the US and abroad! Check out Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle for a broad understanding of how such alienated power exists and to some extent thrives in entropy in our present historical epoch: namely in a society of spectators created by their own alienation from their very own labor. A society so alienated naturally becomes a society of illusions or endless streams of spectacles. A society of Spectacle also serves ad a perfect environment for irrational power and government best served by secret networks of rackets filled with the types attracted and/or forced into such immediately gratifying activity and those they can enslave and blackmail into their ranks. It is my personal opinion that power is the society of the demonic, the anti-compassionate, while compassion (and so community) is the language of the graceful in humanity and creation.

surreal, though Gannon/Gosch is surreal as well, so who's to say? 28.Mar.2005 22:29


kinda surreal to see someone who looks like Martha Stewart talk about Nazis, federal military blackmail sex rings and Delta Force.

"mac user" 29.Mar.2005 03:39


try out the VLC player, it comes bundled with many codecs for playing most popular video formats. it's also available for most operating systems:

sounds like a load of shit 04.Apr.2005 18:12


and a diversion

who's that Bill? 08.Apr.2005 01:43

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