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Peter Perrin's Stikes Again? Another New Starbucks?

With Perrin involved it's not a far out idea but just a rumor for now...
According to a recent Portland Tribune article developer Peter Perrin is working on placing another strip mall developement and perhaps a Starbucks at 39th and Holgate (3835 SE HOLGATE BLVD) at the site of the closed nostalic Kupie Cone Drive-Through which is now home to the vegan-friendly Sunday Cafe.

Perrin purchased the property recently and has applied for an exception to the zoning restrictions that would help such strip mall development as we saw at 20th and Division.

Oh the joys of another Starbucks! Could it be true?

Portland Tribune Article:

Also see the O's Creston-Kenilworth Blog (3/25):

sorry for the headline typo 27.Mar.2005 23:10


to much caffine (non-starbucks, tea actually) and no spell checker...

i like the sunday cafe 28.Mar.2005 16:16


and would hate to see it get closed for a starbucks. it's still a new place, building a clientele and developing its menu (which could be more seasonally focused, but there's time for that). the lady who owns it apologized to my friend and i when we arrived because she doesn't have proper bicycle parking yet. i thought that was quite charming!

i don't remember the layout over there; is there another empty structure in addition to the existing one, or just room for more?