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Californians organize to prevent another Blackwell !

Arnold Schwarzenegger's nomination of Bruce McPherson as California Secretary of State can be stopped! McPherson has been exposed as a tool of the corporate voting machine conspiracy. See the evidence presented below!

California activists are organizing the "We Mean Business" rally for the South Steps of the Capitol Building in Sacramento. The rally is set for Tuesday, March 29, starting at 9:00 AM ("and hours thereafter").
Californians organize to stop Schwarzenegger's nominee for California Secretary of State -- who has been exposed as a tool for the corporate voting machine conspiracy!

California activists are organizing the "We Mean Business" rally for the South Steps of the Capitol Building in Sacramento. The rally is set for Tuesday, March 29, starting at 9:00 AM ("and hours thereafter").

Suggested street theater -- Dress in a business suit and carry a briefcase (if you have one) full of fake money with Diebold written across the bills. Our slogan? "We Mean Business"

The threat is that the corporate interests are planning to bring in a 70-million dollar Arnold fundraiser and a Diebold law firm rep to reorganize California's elections.

EVIDENCE -- from  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/3/26/143223/384

Please read the list below and ask yourself: Are these these the kind of folks you want advising our Secretary of State who will soon need to spend our HAVA millions on e-voting equipment and oversee Schwarzenegger's ballot initiative to redistrict Calfiornia? Do you see hints that would reasonably lead us to suspect that at least five of these folks may have partisan or e-voting influences--influences that may well eclipse their concerns for what is best for the voters?)

The Rap Sheet:

Bryant, Cynthia: Chief Legislative Affairs Secretary to Schwarzenegger; formerly lead policy director for Senate Republican caucus--specialized in political reform act.

Cain, Bruce: Redistricting specialist

Clark, Bradley: Registrar of Voters for Alameda County and it was his guidance that brought paperless e-voting to Alameda.

Hawkins, Ernest: Director of "Election Center," a dubious organization funded by e-voting vendors.

Lapsley, Robert: Bush appointee to the State Department and responsible for strategic modernization initiatives in elections

Merksamer, Steven: Too much to mention--just think of him as the partner of a powerful Sacramento law firm that specializes in redistricting. Also, he is connected with fundraising efforts for Schwarzenegger's special election (which has redistricting as its centerpiece).

Miller-Malek, Beth: Directly connected to Schwarzenegger's chief fundraiser and attempted to gut workman's comp.

Ortega, Adan (Jr.): Spokesperson on chromium levels for the "bad guy water dept." in the real "Erin Broconovich Scandal." He allegedly only co-habits in office space shared with Diebold communications firm--a communications firm for whom he does consulting work.

Wood, Wiliam: California Corporations Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Corporations


And get big business out of the elections department! Vote to protect our Vote! No on McPherson! No on Merksamer! (Arnold's fundraiser on the McPherson transition team)

Although the Senate overwhelmingly approved McPherson, the Assembly is divided, with the wise ones distrustful of McPherson's highly partisan transition team.

BTW, the Assembly Rules Committee grilled McPherson for 90 minutes before spring break, adjourning without an approval. We can stop this. Please join us!

*Let friends and contacts in Sacramento know about the rally -- their support is needed.

*If you can join our "We Mean Business" rally, please let us know at  pdlavote@aol.com --- this is a permitted rally.

*Please immediately call and e-mail the 5 Democrats on the 8-member Assembly Rules Committee. Urge them to vote NO on McPherson for CA Secretary of State. The vote is Tuesday. Monday is a holiday.

916-319-2039 and/or 818-838-3939

916-319-2062 and/or 909-388-1413

916-319-2052 and/or 310-223-1201

916-319-2054 and 562-997-0794

Assembly member Joe Coto
916-319-2023 and/or 408-277-1220

[Also, because the office is closed for the Easter holiday until Tuesday a.m., here's a list of numbers to fax your opposition:

-Cindy Montanez, Chairwoman Assembly Rules 916.319-2810
-David Cogdill, Vice-Chairman Assembly Rules
Committee 916.319.2125
-Fabian Nunez, Speaker of the Assembly 916.319.2146
-Kevin McCarthy, Assembly Republican Leader 916.319.2132
-Joe Baca 916.319.2162
-John Benoit 916.319.2164
-Joe Coto 916.319.2123
-Mervyn Dymally 916.319.2152
-Betty Karnette 916.319.2154
-Michael Villines 916.319.2129
-Joe Nation 916.319-2106
-Maureen Evans 916.319-2107

Thank you for previously contacting Assembly speaker Nunez's office to register your opposition to McPherson. McPherson wants to bring in a 70-million dollar Arnold fundraiser and a Diebold law firm rep to reorganize California's elections. Shades of Florida, 2000. Ohio, 2004. Bad news. Fight back.

Rally Organized by Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles--affiliated with Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

CONTACT: Marcy Winograd, chair PDLA:  pdlavote@aol.com -- OR to sign up for PDLA's list serve, go to pdla.org and click "Join PDLA"

To find your state contacts for PDA outside of the LA area, please visit www.pdamerica.org - click on California and join the growing progressive movement inside the Democratic Party.

Please circulate this e-mail to a minimum of 10 people in your address book. Send it to leaders of unions, advocacy groups, election protection groups, religious and social networks in our diverse communities -- we are all in jeopardy when our elections are tainted.
? 27.Mar.2005 10:15

Catalina Eddie

How is it that the Schwartzinator is nominating California's Sect'y of State? That is an elected office in CA.

How is it . . 27.Mar.2005 14:16

Voter Revolter

The Secretary of State who was elected (Kevin Shelley) confronted Diebold on their shit in 2004. Shortly thereafter (late 2004) major newspapers drummed up a campaign alleging criminal mishandling of HAVA funds by Shelley -- who was forced to resign. Until the next election (2006), the Secretary of State position will be filled by a nominee of the governor -- but the California Senate and Assembly have to give their assent to make the appointment effective.

So it's politics as usual -- except that with the vote count process on the line, that's a lot more than politics as usual. By "politics as usual" I include that California Democrats lacked the guts or intelligence to fight to keep Shelley in office -- they apparently believed that Arnold would play straight and nominate a reasonable person! Now it's become obvious -- judging by the "transition team" that has been appearing before the Assembly committee -- that the Republicans want to turn California into another Florida or Ohio.

My opinion is that the "powers that be" want to destroy voting altogether before the shit hits the fan with, like, gas at $5 gallon and unemployment and the SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION -- which would lead to radicals being elected everywhere !!

Most Republicans are solidly behind undermining the vote count -- it works for them. Democrats are divided between the ones that see the writing on the wall and want to fight, the ones that are bought and owned, and some that have their heads buried in the sand. Greens, Socialists, many Libertarians and some Independents (like Nader) are solidly behind fighting the corporate take-over of vote-counting.

Where do you stand?

Democrat Cowards 28.Mar.2005 00:13

Green Party Mike ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

Join the Democrats? Never!!!

Who initiated the re-count in Ohio, showing evidence of how Blackwell and Co disenfranchised African-Americans, tampered with the vote counting machines, initiated the Diebold machine buys in Ohio and elsewhere, irregularities with a host of other issues with the voting in Ohio and elsewhere.

here is your first clue, it was NOT John Kerry, it was not Howard Dean, it was not even Dennis Kuchinich. It was the Green Party, under David Cobb along with the assistance of Badnarick of the Libertarians. In fact the Dems did not even get involved until WEEKS after we Greens started the process.

The way the Democratic Party acted during this obvious theft, not just of this or even the last election but of the complete loss of integrity of the entire election and voting process of this country is beyond shameful.

At the moment that we needed them the most to stand up, with the threats to democracy they showed a complete lack of moral fibre and courage. Just like the run up to the war on Iraq.

I have never been prouder to be a Green than I am now. I was one of the voting re-count observers in Ohio. I like my other friends in the Green Party, We Do Not Concede Coalition and even members of the Progressive Democrat Alliance, called a press conference in Minnesota when we got back from Ohio. Needless to say, not one corporate media or elected Democrat official showed up.

Join the Dems? Not bloody likely.

How did you get "join the Democrats" out of this??? 28.Mar.2005 12:17

Voter Revolter

It happens that the Diebold gang are closely tied to the Republican Party and it happens that we hope to get five Democrats on the Assembly Committee to wake up to the danger to democracy (not the same as the "Democratic Party") and stop the appointment of a Diebold-connected anti-democracy conspirator to the office of California Secretary of State ! !

And there is a rally about this on the steps of the California Capitol at 9 AM in Sacramento tomorrow! Yes, the organizers include the PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) but it is primarily organized by the Marin Chapter of DFA ("Democracy for America") which INCLUDES GREENS within its membership.

I doubt very much that if you can go to the event tomorrow that ANYONE will be asking you to register in the Democratic Party! (But if they did, you could ask them to register Green?)

About Ohio, Cobb showed more leadership than Kerry for sure, but now that Kerry-Edwards are co-plaintiffs with Cobb and Badnarik in the Ohio case -- are you trying to break up that alliance?

STAY GREEN ! But think beyond the narrow confines of party! Think about the underlying issue in the Ohio case! Are you willing to take action to restore or create democracy in America?