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Announcing the Biscuit Burn Skillshare Camp, April 1-8

running from April 1st to 8th, come for all or part, or stay and never leave!
Our last camp site on BLM land was a mess till we came along and cleaned it up.
Our last camp site on BLM land was a mess till we came along and cleaned it up.
No joke, Wild Siskiyou Action is taking a week-long break from running the rotten Forest Service ragged with suddent road blockades and large defiant rallies, in order to teach more people how to join in on the fun. Whether you're new to the Siskiyous, or you're a veteran who's lived here since the glaciers melted, we think you'll benefit from the great workshops and discussions led by seasoned activists and long-time valley residents. The more we know, the better we'll be able to fight the biggest timber sae in Forest Service history. There will be practical classes in:

non-violence philosophy and direct action
how to talk to the media
beginning and advanced rope climbing
wilderness first aid, plant identification, and herbal medicine
timber sale monitoring
road blockades and canopy occupations
know-your-legal-rights and jail support
consensus building and communication skills
how to cook for a lot of people with hardly any money
organizing fun community events
sustainable forestry practices
history of the Siskiyou bioregion and the Biscuit fire
interpersonal empowerment and anti-oppression
and much much more!

As a group we will design and execute an action a day to protect the Wild Siskiyous and advocate for the creation of a Biscuit Fire Natural Recovery Area. Meanwhile, logging continues in old growth reserves, and we've been running a vibrant Biscuit campaign for two years, with a lot of creative direct action in the last few weeks. Despite our best efforts, log trucks have begun rolling out of the Fiddler timber sale, the local Forest Service officials are acting like puppets operated by the timber corporations, and roadless area timber sales are going up on the auction block within the next few weeks. Multiple lawsuits are ongoing, but Judge Paul Hogan has refused to halt the logging, and by the time the courts determine that the sales were illegal, the native ecology of 19,000 acres of fire-adapted forest will be thoroughly decimated. We need your help to content these exploitative timber sales, and we hope you'll join us for a while, if not for the rest of this amazing campaign!

To get to Ring Beach Skillshare Camp, taking Hwy 199 South from Grants Pass, towards the coast. In the town of Selma, at the blinking yellow light next to the gas station turn right onto Illinois River Road, and look for our camp on the left at Ring Beach. Please drive carefully on this winding Forest Service Road. Give us a call on the campaign phone at (541) 659-2682 if you have any questions, or you can write to us at the siskiyou(at)cascadiarising.org email account, which we check every once in a while :)

See you in the Burn!


homepage: homepage: http://siskiyou.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (541) 659-2682

Here is a flyer for the event. 27.Mar.2005 23:11

Cascadia Rising / Wild Siskiyou Action action--at--cascadiarising.org

pdf double sided half sheet.
pdf file, double sided half-sheet
pdf file, double sided half-sheet

rides? 27.Mar.2005 23:18

wee raven wee_raven@resist.ca

is anyone willing to drive down there on the 2nd for one or possibly two people? Please e-mail me if you are or know someone who is

Rides Rides Rides 28.Mar.2005 00:10

Cascadia Rising EcoDefense

Please contact action--at--cascadiarising.org or call 503-493-7495 for ride information....I got your info down wee raven, but in general postin' stuff here is not the best way for us to do ride coordination...thanks!