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Abortion Issue Boiled Down to Reality

If my mother had felt the need to abort me when I was growing in her
womb, I would have been grateful to give her that wish.
Please let's look at this from the perspective of the child in question. If
my being born would have caused a hardship for my mother in ANY way,
I would have been very grateful to have been aborted as a fetus at any time
she chose. If my being born would have created a situation where I was an
unwanted child and would have had to grow up without the love and nurturing
needed by a child, I would have been extremely grateful to have been aborted
at any time my mother felt it necessary!

The Stem Cell Research issue brings this to an incredible pique with the
possibility that my unwanted birth might not only reduce the suffering of
my mother and myself but also further the possible miracles begotten from
this magnificent new science.....and the choice is overwhelmingly in favor
of using my unborn fetus, or any part of it, with no questions asked.

How could anyone see this in any different way, unless it is to make themselves
look good in a moral light.......that simply is not there in my eyes.