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Joan Norman address?

I heard that Joan Norman is still in jail.
Is it possible to write to Joan Norman in solidarity? I called the Jackson County Jail and was told she was not there. Does anyone know where she is? I was told she "might be at the work center".....what or where is that?
Reaching Joan 26.Mar.2005 16:05

Cascadia Rising EcoDefense

It's my impression that Joan is still in Jail...see  http://www.co.josephine.or.us/sheriff/inmates/Icurrent.htm

assuming this is correct you can reach her at

Joan Norman
c/o Josephine County Adult Jail
1901 NE F St.
Grants Pass, OR 97526

JOAN NORMAN 11.Nov.2005 20:44

Penny Gregory panewt@hotmail.com

I was wonder if the Joan Norman you are asking about is the Joan that was on the front page of the courier a while back being carried off from a protest from the Bisket fire in Kirby?