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Walmart files permit in Gresham

Subject: Permit Application submitted March 23
From: "Gresham First" < greshamfirst@hotmail.com>

Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 22:54:46 -0800


The moment we have been waiting for has arrived! Wal-Mart submitted a
development permit application for a Supercenter in Gresham on March
2005. Please DO NOT send your comments yet. The City may take up to
days to review the application for "completeness" and will provide
notice of the comment review period.

Our public awareness campaign has gained momentum and with a definite
proposal and timeline we are now ready to implement our plan. Our
is receiving support from social, labor and environmental interest
who will initiate lobbying efforts and assist with research. We have
selected a land use attorney and a traffic engineer to begin reviews of
Wal-Mart proposal. We are in need of financial contributions to cover
associated fees. Yard signs are still available to show your support
donate to the campaign.

Campaign orientation sessions will be held Saturday, March 26 at Jazzy
Bagels in Historic Downtown Gresham from 10am-12pm. Please stop by to
discuss ways to get involved at this phase. Volunteers are needed to
canvass local neighborhoods by distributing brochures, gathering
and selling yard signs. Plan to spend 10-20 minutes to receive all the
tools you'll need to get started.

We have great confidence in the strength of our case and membership,
look forward to a decisive victory. Your hard work and dedication to
community is greatly appreciated.

Gresham First

homepage: homepage: http://www.greshamfirst.org