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just maybe there is something sinister behind PJTTF & the FBI after all?

Rarely do I ever post anything here, as I just enjoy reading all of the exception articles that other's put up here. PIMC is one
of my favorite websites. I hit it daily to keep abreast of what
is really going on in this world...not what FOX and the like want
me to think is!

I happen to receive an INTEL newsletter from a Russian lady named
Sorcha Faal that comes out three times weekly via the internet.

It gives an entirely different perspective on the news we get and
truly challenges one's thinking, mind sets, and achieved biases.

Not everyone is comfortable reading her insightful musings.

BUT...they are well worth it for any true seeker after TRUTH, for
they do marvelous job of deconstructing lofty "sacred cows" that
we have habitually given a "free pass" due to our own inherent
social programming and social conditioning.

In these times...it's most beneficial to look anew at these cows,
to see if indeed they merit the respect, awe, and a sense of un-
challenged thinking we've tended to accord towards them.

I urge YOU to read carefully the entire article that I've posted
in it's entirety below. Lay down your inherent internal defenses
long enough to really read and contemplate what she is saying.

THEN, perhaps we need to renew our look at this PJTTF, the people
involved, the local FBI and their previous history of bungling, to their odd selection of what we've all acknowledged is strange
man for placement here in Portland as Head of local office, their
stange sense of "superiority" to local law-enforcement personnel.

---continued below-----
We need to look more carefully at people like the Portland Police
Bureau's Lt. Mark Kruger, who has had a rich history of highly
questionable behavior and deviant conduct, yet manages to rise in
the bureau's hierarchy in spite of it all...is he being placed in
such for a REASON? How about his fellow-Krugerite officer named
same, who has killed two citizens--one most recently--under what
are clearly questionable circumstances...do we need to look more
closely at this man and his background...who/what/why/where of his
past and his associates? What about their friends, their so-call-
ed "friends"? We need to put these people under a closely look,
as if under a Neutron Microscope, for they've already raised Red
Flags as to their "true natures"

What about guy's like ex-Portland Police Bureau's Office Jason
Sery, and how about Officer Scott MacCollister, and how about this
ever defensive Det. Robert King who is head of the Police's Union
and takes a lead role in directing any investigation of a citizen-
killing by any Portland Police Officer. What is this guy's REAL
game...what's the REAL DEAL with him? These are questions we had
better be digging into and I mean dig N-O-W.

Don't you find it strange that when the issue of PJTTF came up
under Katz's administration (some would say "misadministration")
that she gave conflicting cues as to her attitudes, aims, and in
the end, as to how she'd flip-flop. Was it a crafty political
ploy to disquiten and to disarm the mounting opposition then that
was launched against the City's involvement? Why all this totally
unnecessary SECRECY that surrounds this issue? WHAT IN THE HECK

To those of you that are quick to naysay, debunk, and decrie this
call to closer look of these people, I say to you that you need to
shut your mouths, take your hands away from your keyboard and go
to the library and read three books:
(3.) EICHMANN ON TRIAL...The Official Israeli Police Record of
Adolf Eichmann's Trial and Incarceration and Execution

I have not given fully the other info, as I don't have it at hand
as I now write, but should anyone so desire, I shall research it
and repost it under commentary thread...you merely must ask for it and I shall reply in due course.

My friends, neighbors, countrymen, and fellow Portlander's we are
living in strange times in which "strange news" has crossed our
TV screens for long time, and it's most difficult to connect the
dots and get a TRUE PICTURE as to what really is going on, and it
no longer is the case that we have the luxary to remain in our
collective ignornace, unwilling to scratch deeply into the lives
of these questionable peoples to find out WHAT they're really all
about, and the longer we delay, then sadly the worst the eventual
consequences we and those we love will pay.

WE need to begin immediately to put these people: Jordan, all FBI
agents (especially that goofy "Doe-in-the-headlights" spokesgal
that always makes you wonder when she on TV "what drug is she on?"
all these police--though unnamed and unknown to us citizens--that
are on the PJTTF, Lt. Mark Kruger, Officer Terry Kruger, Officer
Scott MacCollister, former officer Jason Sery, and all those that
have made their names appear on the previously wonderful DECK OF
MOST WANTED or was it DECK OF WORST COPS...whatever...you know
surely what I mean. We need to ever so carefully look at these
people...have their neighbors alerted, their fellow church-goers,
their extended families...look into why it is they're making such
waves that they're getting recognized as "bad cops"...it's NOT for
nothing either...we need to know WHY!

We need to hold Chief Foxworth's feet further to the fire on all
this. We can't accept his far too laidback manner of management
and so often shown willingness to readily defend errand cops under
his command as he has in the past. We need to DEMAND of him that
he be responsive to US out here...the community FIRST and foremost
when it comes to any management dealings within his shop.

We need to further support and encourage Mayor Potter, Councilman
Leonard and the other's as they stand up to these combined forces
of EVIL...the FBI, the PJTTF, the rogue elements within PPB and
those individual rogues that have long did the dirty work and ill
tidings of those of the "hidden hand" behind the curtain.

I hope you'll read this article and immediately recognize that it
is most pertainent for we here in Portland, and recognize just why
that is so. Once you do...then you'll know what to do next!

Let us have a lively discussion on this matter and have it N-O-W!


US Secret Police Forces (SSB) Bomb Dissident American Village, Paonia, Colorado, 3 Children Dead

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers March 23,2005

Reports are reaching us today, from Russian Intelligence sources, which say that the United States Military Secret Police Force, the Strategic Support Branch (SSB), and modeled after the Nazi Military's Secret Military Police Force known as the Schutzstaffel (SS), has begun operations in the United States to suppress the growing instances of internal dissent to that countries military regime.

This is the first instance, to our knowledge, that the American SSB has begun their long expected reign of terror upon the American people with this past weekends bombing in the United States Region of Colorado of a small village named Paonia, and of which 3 children were murdered.

From the United States Newspaper, The Denver Post we can read in their report titled "Paonia grieves for child victims of lodge blast", that says, "Authorities sifted for bodies and clues Monday in the charred rubble of a mountain lodge while family and townspeople grieved for the three youngsters believed killed in Saturday's explosion. "These were all our children," said Mildred Hudspeth, a 68-year-old homemaker who was shopping downtown Monday afternoon. Hudspeth said she cried Sunday morning when she heard that the children apparently perished in the blast or the fire that followed."

Not being reported about this event to the American people however is the true reason that this small village had been targeted by the SSB.

As reported by the United States Organization called "Bill Of Rights Defense Committee", this small and courageous American village had dare to challenge their militaristic leaders by the passing of a Resolution denouncing their loss of freedoms and further instructing their local police forces to, and as their Resolution states:


1) The Town of Paonia has been, and remains, firmly committed to the protection of civil rights and liberties for all people.

2) The Town of Paonia affirms the following principles:

a. Every person has the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, as clearly stated in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

b. Neither stops, nor arrests may be made without establishing reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a crime has been committed or is about to be committed.

c. Every person has a right to equal protection under the law and the right not to be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, and

d. Every person has the right to free speech and freedom of association as provided under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and court opinions thereon.

3) That when the Paonia Police Department engage in public safety intelligence gathering as part of law enforcement and of national security, it intends such intelligence gathering comply with the following policy: no information about political, religious or social views, associations, or activities shall be collected unless the information relates to public safety concerns or suspicion of criminal activity or the potential for criminal activity.

4) That the Town of Paonia affirms it commitment to human and civil rights and to unbiased policing as expressed in the policies of the Paonia Police Department, which firmly adheres to the principle that no law enforcement agency, or other Town agency may profile or discriminate against any person solely on the basis of ancestry, race, ethnicity, national origin, color, age sex, sexual orientation, gender variance, marital status, physical or mental disability, or religion, nor shall Town agencies assist other agencies in practices that violate these policies.

5) That the Town of Paonia affirms its strong opposition to terrorism, yet also affirms that any efforts to end terrorism should not be waged at the expense of essential civil rights and liberties of the people of the Town of Paonia, the United States of America and the World.

6) That the Paonia Town Clerk attest and affix the seal of the Town of Paonia to this Resolution and that a copy be transmitted to President George W. Bush, Attorney General Alfredo Gonzales, and Governor Bill Owens.

To the militaristic rulers of the United States there is much fear towards their rural areas as the American citizens who live in them are seen to be more and more resisting their loss of freedoms, increasing un-payable debts, loss of jobs, petty laws to numerous to name, know, or ever have hope of being obeyed and the continuing march of conquest throughout the world their military leaders are intent upon.

As reported this past January, 2005, about the SSB, and as reported by the American Newspaper the Washington Post in their article titled, "Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain/New Espionage Branch Delving Into CIA Territory", it is said, "The Pentagon, expanding into the CIA's historic bailiwick, has created a new espionage arm and is reinterpreting U.S. law to give Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld broad authority over clandestine operations abroad, according to interviews with participants and documents obtained by The Washington Post. The previously undisclosed organization, called the Strategic Support Branch, arose from Rumsfeld's written order to end his "near total dependence on CIA"

Ever mindful to make sure that they are following the 'law' in this latest crackdown on internal dissent, and exactly like their Nazi Germany counterparts of the last century who were equally fastidious towards their 'laws', a United States historical organization named the Center for Cooperative Research, has detailed the significance of the SSB and its military organization by showing, "[These types of organizations] must report to Congress all 'deployment orders,' or formal instructions from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to position US forces for combat. But [the guidelines] ... state that special operations forces (SSB) may 'conduct clandestine HUMINT operations . . . before publication' of a deployment order, rendering notification unnecessary. Pentagon lawyers also define the 'war on terror' as ongoing, indefinite and global in scope."

Not being understood by many naive Americans this evening is that their own country, the United States, is a part of the 'globe', and as the grieving mothers and grandmothers in Paonia, Colorado can well attest to as they lay their dead babies into the ground.

To the power of this new American secret police unit, the SSB, to follow only those laws they choose, or none at all, is again a repeat of their Nazi counterparts, and as we can read about them from the British History Learning Site, and which says:

"In Nazi Germany the police were allowed to arrest people on suspicion that they were about to do wrong. This gave the police huge powers. All local police units had to draw up a list of people in their locality who might be suspected of being "Enemies of the State". This list was given to the Gestapo - the Secret Police. The Gestapo had the power to do as it liked. In 1936, the Gestapo Law meant that the activities of the Gestapo were free from any review by courts of law. This law effectively meant that the Gestapo became a law unto themselves. This non-uniformed branch of the SS became justifiably feared just as the visible presence of the black uniformed SS men did."

To even watch on television the scenes from American life today is like looking back into the darkest parts of Nazi Germany where always there was the presence of the Black Suited, Nazi Helmeted and machine gun carrying Police Forces. And not to the protection of the American people these Black Suited SSB forces are either! But, and again, like their Nazi counterparts of last century these Black Police Forces are for the protection of their government buildings against their own citizens, the smashing into of their citizens home in the dark of night to remove them to the camps of labor and extermination, the barrier that stands between the citizens of America and their ability to travel, but most of all because of the fearful image, and reminder, they serve to a population that all resistance is futile against them.

To the brave souls of the small village of Paonia, Colorado though, and as their babies are laid to rest, not even the fearful retribution by their brutal military authorities was able to stop them from proclaiming their rights as free people.

They should never be forgotten by the world, and it is assured that the American people themselves do not even know about this, and even if they did would not care. Because as I had previously stated to you in my report titled "Like Nazi Germany, And To the Worlds Horror, the United States Begins Murders of Sick Children and Disabled", news has reached us once again that shows the American peoples intention to begin the mass slaughter of their disabled by the continuing starving to death of an invalid against the wishes of her crying parents.

How well these insane Americans have learned the math problem found in every Nazi Germany school child's book:

"To keep a mentally ill person costs approximately 4 marks a day. There are 300,000 mentally ill people in care. How much do these people cost to keep in total? How many marriage loans of 1000 marks could be granted with this money?"

In Remembrance of these American Martyrs: Isaac Michael Watkins, age 2 Leslie Ann Bilbrey, age 12 Jamie Marie Reade, age 16 We must never forget.

March 23, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.


there is much to be absorbed in this, but it rings true no matter how absurd!

frankly, i have had lot's of questions in my mind about things here for long time.

i've wondered why this nasty kruger cop got away with the stuff he's done?

i've wondered why that stupid cop who killed kendra james kept his job?

i've wondered why that arrogant robert king has his face in ever citizen-killing?

i've wondered why vera katz rolled-over so easy for the usdoj on pjttf?

i've wondered why mark krocker was hired and why he was kept after all he did?

i've wondered why jason sery got away with murder, for that's what he did?

i've wondered what link the sons of the strong have had in all of this?

now i'm beginning to connect the dots...coming up with a picture that is horrible!

i see that officer, jeff meyers i think is his name, occasionally and i remember
he being featured in here a year ago or so...lot's of stuff about him, and now i'm
wondering about him too? he comes across as a "nice guy" but then maybe they're
trained to do so? i'm going to be less friendly to him, less willing to be friend
and less willing to want anything to do with him, for he could well be one of the
people that's here to do stuff like that that the russian reported. bad cop!

people...we'd better wake up and see what's right in our faces and do something!