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to let you know...at www.rawstory.com is must read interview

it's the final installment of a 3-part series. Folk's these are
a MUST READ, especially this last one...nothing I've read so far
put's it all in context and summerizes it so well as does these
interviews. You really will be stimulated intellectually to read
them, and come away with a far better grasp of what's happened and
is yet to come insofar as the BUSH LUNACY is concerned. You owe
it to yourself, your family, your friends and love ones to read
them so as to be fully informed.

PS: www.rawstory.com is a better news website than drudge's!
Give it a try...have a look-see!

Exclusive: Former UN weapons inspector Ritter says NeoCons 'godless parasites' feeding on the Republican Party
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Former UN weapons inspector says NeoCons parasites of GOP
Ritter naive, it's far more serious than he blithly puts it 27.Mar.2005 02:15


Ritter is totally wrong about "there's going to be something left" in 10-12 years. He said it himself: they are neocon leninists. They want this revolution and they don't care who they kill to get it. Their loyaltis are global, they have ceased to have a country agenda. Rummy is a Bilderberger. Bushes are Skull and Bones. Perle works for Israel. Wolfowitz thinks preemptive nuclear attacks are justifiable for ideological goals of remaking the world in their image.

The U.S. has a current executive branch that is the result of two failed Presidential elections. They are not going to leave via an election, no matter how many you hold.

Bush is in and he is there to destroy the whole U.S. Constitution and fabric of the U.S. society (wants schools as forced psychotropic drug centers, wants forced mass innoculations, wants to throw trillions of social security in the shredder of a stock market that they refuse to address its own corrupt and criminal financial behavior, have rigged 1/3 or more of the whole United States vote machines, have unseated the Governor of California and put in their Nazi buddy Arnold who come on populist, though has taken more corporate money than any Governor in Califnora to date, they have gerrymandered districts in Texas to assure 7 more republican seats, where in the 2002 election there were three Republicans who won their elecitons with all the same identical vote total: 18,181; Kerry stood down; NORAD stood down; the borders are open; they are creating a dual citizenship caste structure removing all labor rights, flooding the country with drugs while shipping jobs overseas; the Bush Departmetn of Labor is spending money holding seminars for corporations on how to ship jobs overseas; this is a revolutionary government; they blew up the World Trade Center, Marvin Bush was head of Security; Jeb Bush personally escorted all the 9-11 fake terrorist flight records on a C130 out of the country after 9-11; they have no loyalties to anything, and they have nothing to go back to. They are committed.

The U.S. Pentagon budget already takes up more than 50% of all taxes in the United States: they are going to turn the corporate stock market military corporate complex into something to literally conquer the world, a war as Cheney said they plan to keep going "your entire lifetime." Tenet, it was reported, after 9-11, with Bush's authorization has PLANS CURRENTLY TO EXPAND DESTABALIZATION COVERT OPERATIONS IN OVER 60 COUNTRIES. This is the New World Order, ten years postponed from the first Iraq invasion.

Ritter's idea of "voting them out" is the ultimate brain dead reflex action, I almost laughed. They own the vote machines, Ritter! Go back to the drawing board on solutions there...

Think like Rove here. They are going to shut down this country's party system one election at a time, while smiling for the cameras and dominating the corporate media.

It will take some time, though they will only grow more powerful unless there is a serious military reaction to their treason, or removal of the vote machines.

Then when they feel the time is right, and after Bush has had a refreshing month long vacation or something, they will blow up another building or drop more US military anthrax, throw around some of the smallpox vaccine, make some more money, and then declare martial law.

They have military sound cannons. They will use them.
They will have other microwave weapons. They will use them.

They will lock down the country on a red alert, pick up who they want immediately (remember, it's illegal to even talk about who they picked up, according to the Patriot Act, that labels you as a terrorist; it will be illegal to go outside during red alert, can be shot on sight).

Ritter is a fool!
Who does he think he is dealing with? Some political party that has stood for election or something?

If anyone is going to take them out of power, they are going to have to be forcibly taken out of power, just like they came in. And it's not going to be pretty. And that can only come from some sort of internal coup. It won't happen on the citizen level at all.

We are at the mercy of a coterie of loyal Congresspeople and military officers, who hopefully can manoeuvre around enough without being "suicided."

Otherwise, fucking forget everything. Everything.

These fascists are globally playing for keeps. Their timelines are so detailed and long compared to the typical man in the street's idea of perhaps, if that, thinking one or two years a head.

The Third Reich remember wanted to conquer the world. Germany under the Nazis was hardly something that was going to stop at the Atlantic Ocean and then sit back and relax. There were serious plans to invade North America and South America. North America failed when lots of Nazi planes were destroyed by U.S. Air Force. There were Nazi sympathizers throughout the world, particularly in the United States, and none of them were punished.

Read any of Charles Higham's FOIA books on Nazi America in the 1930s and during WWII. It really shows that America itself changed during WWII. Something democratic went to war, though something Nazi came out of WWII. There were British Nazis as well, there were French Nazis, etc. If Hitler had succeeded in invading the USSR (killed 20 million people in the process!) all of Asia would be a Nazi empire, and then they would have already taken over the rest of the world. They were already ready with nuclear bombs, and were testing little "dirty atom bombs" that decimated 500 square yards mere months before Berlin surrendered, as revealed by the UK Guardian recently.

Then you had the OSS/CIA nazi pipelines into the U.S. after WWII.

I could go on and on. We are at the mercy of military loyalists, because they alrady have the congress as a one party fraud state.

They will inch the U.S. in their direction because they know that mass psychology works to their advantage: herd the sheep with smiles to the slaughter, then bring out the knives all at once. If you can, you really really should leave the country.