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The Bush Diary

Bush Diary -- Laura, Dick, Paul, and ME!
Deer Jernul,

Hot Dingity! Now I can get even with them Yoorowpeons.
I appointed Bolton to the UN, and Paul Wolfo to the
World Bank. Condy says Yoorup is mad about that, so
that meens that Paul is the best choice to spred
Paul is gonna use the world bank to stash our billyuns
we stold from Eyerak, and to bring our damockrasee to
all them uther poor countrys.

Laura said she has used stairoyds since she was a
young-Ster. She played with her Ham-Sters, and her
mom would make Ster-frys. She used to Ster-ilize her
self in school and benchpress the football team
linebackers. In the hi-Ster-y of our future, Americans
will be having space vaycayshuns on a-Ster-oyds.

My new shit-disturber, Karen Hughes says I am doing
good in Eyerak and that I will do better in Eyeran
and Vennazwayla, by killin' two birds with one stone.
The bible says that he who throws the first stone is
allowed to force his beleefs on others. While I'm
dealin' with them furrin terrorists, Shirtoff is
gonna deal with them rebellyus domestic terrorists.

Those leftist weenys Kofi Annan and Jeffrey Sacks said
that I was a threat to the world, and Bill Clinton
said I was stoopid cawse I went to Yale. Now that I
come to think about it, I wuz dumb to go to Yale.
I shud have gone to Texas Tech insted.

I wuz watchin' the Mychul Jackson tryal, and he fainted
in the cort room. The doctors said that MJ is a vejtabul,
and that he has feeding tubes in his stumick. They can't
yooz nasogastric tubes on Jackson cuz he has no naso's.
The DA in Calyfornya is looking for more scam-artist
parents with lyin' kids for his tryal against MJ.

Scott Peterson got the deth penultee. Heh heh heh heh.
He's kinda like Dan Rather....ded and mewt.
I got a new motto for Scott Peterson's Lawn and Garden
Fertilizer Company. "Scott sold it.....now Scott's in it."
Robert Blake got akwitted in his tryal. I'm gonna start a
program to deal with them mental morons that let him off.
The twins ain't giltee for leavin' that roadkill. They
said that the cat had a heart attack before it ran under
their car.

Joe Gannon invited all of us to a pryvut PARTAY!
Laura came as Larry, and with all them stairoyds she took,
she looks like Karl's 300 pownd Texas beefsteak queen,
with a voice like a ten year-old girl. My shock-jock dyke
makes me feel like a woman. I'm gonna get a sex-change
opurayshun to let the joose-gushing sexy woman inside of me
out. Larry said not to worry, she's a one-woman man.
Chainman did sumthin' to satisfy his transgender desires.
She came to the party as Chick Deney, a hip, hot white broad.
Them Wayan guys ain't got nuthin' on this sweet, sexy doll!
Tony, Condy, Shellac, Rove, and a bunch of others also came to
the party. After the party is over, I'm gonna go off with Joey
and tell him how much I enjoy his Gannon yogurt stick!
God Bless America!

Wolfowitz reminds me of Bela Lugosi 25.Mar.2005 22:12

separated at birth?

PNAC co-founder
PNAC co-founder
blood sucking vampire, any difference?
blood sucking vampire, any difference?

Surely the Jews in the Bush administration know 26.Mar.2005 20:34

the nazi connection

How many neo-cons in Bush's administration are Jews anyway? Do they not know of the Bushes'connection with the Nazis? Do they not care about the Holocaust? Or did the Jewish elite sacrifice their own people for a larger cause? It's time to re-read history with a different perspective.