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about this Portland Policeman named Kruger that just killed a citizen

that was caught prancing all about in Nazi clothes and into all of
those crazy rightwing silliness and a member of the Brotherhood of
the Strong. All this was reported widely some time back when it
all happened, and yet, as I recall he was somehow able to give 'em
a snowjob and kiss their asses enough that they gave him an unbe-
lievable promotion to Lieutenant, as I recall. He was also, as I
recall involved in some savage beatings of innocent citizens, and
the pepperspraying of the little babies. His name--all that I can recall anyway--was a KRUGER.

Is this the same guy? If not, related to each other...twins or
brothers, or cousins...if so, beware as mind sets run in families,
as do family pathology contribute to latent lunacy under stress!

Read this and comment back, as we'd like to know the scoop on this
guy for our database. Thanks!
Fatal gunfire wasn't first for Portland officerBy Jim Redden of the Portland Tribune
PDXGUIDE.COMUSA - Portland, OregonThis is not the first time Portland police officer Terry Kruger has been involved in a shooting.

Kruger is well-known in Portland's black community for a shooting Feb. 28, 1996, that killed 20-year-old Deontae Joseph Keller.

Three police cars pulled over a car suspected of being involved in a drive-by shooting earlier that night. It was 1:30 in the morning. Kruger was one of the officers on the scene near North Interstate Avenue and Shaver Street. He got out of his car with his gun drawn.

The driver of the suspect vehicle - Keller - jumped from the car and ran from the officers. Kruger shot him in the back.

Keller ran into a residential area and collapsed in a back yard. Although police quickly found him, they did not approach the body for more than 90 minutes because they feared he was armed. He was pronounced dead at the scene around 3:35 a.m.

During the police investigation into the shooting, Kruger testified that Keller had a gun in his hand when he jumped out of the car. Kruger said he fired because he was afraid Keller would shoot at the officers over his shoulder as he was fleeing.

A gun was found in a yard near the house where Keller collapsed. Ballistic tests later matched the gun to a shell casing found at the scene of the earlier shooting.

A grand jury reviewed the case and decided that Kruger broke no laws in the shooting. But the case has been controversial, in large part because of a lawsuit brought against Kruger, the Police Bureau and the city by Joe "Bean" Keller, a Portland musician and events promoter who helped raise Deontae Keller and gave him his name, though they are not related.

In his suit, Joe Keller charged that Deontae Keller did not have a gun and that the shooting was unjustified. To back up his claim, he filed excerpts from police reports in the incident. They showed:

. More shell casings from the drive-by shooting were entered into evidence than were reported to have been found at the scene of the crime.

. There were no fingerprints on the gun recovered near Deontae Keller's body.

. The autopsy found no gunfire residue on Deontae Keller's hands.

The city's responses did not directly address these inconsistencies. They were never resolved at trial because the case fell into disarray before it could be heard, in part because of disputes between Joe Keller and the family of Deontae Keller's mother.

U.S. District Court Magistrate Janice Stewart dismissed the case in February 1999 when Joe Keller failed to respond to a dismissal motion from the city.

"If the city had done something about Kruger then, this shooting might not have happened," Keller said this week.

Mark Moline, the senior deputy city attorney who handled the case for the city, was out of the office and unavailable for comment.

Keller has publicized his allegations on the Internet and in public presentations. During protests against police shootings, Deontae Keller is frequently mentioned along with Kendra James and James Jahar Perez, who also were shot by Portland police.

Because of Keller's role in publicizing Deontae Keller's shooting, families of others killed by police, including James' family, occasionally ask him to help them deal with reporters.

Different guys 25.Mar.2005 19:27


SERT Officer Terry Kruger and Lt. Mark Kruger are two different people.

Ever heard of 25.Mar.2005 22:39

cops carrying

a throwaway gun just in case of a bad shoot?


The Krugers are related 25.Mar.2005 23:54

in the know

Lt. Kruger is scary but he is not the one who's killed TWO unarmed citizens. They ARE related - brothers I think.

no, this guy isn't the nutter "Mark" Kruger, but I'm told 26.Mar.2005 00:03

they are cousins

from same family of known nutter's...they just protected 'emselves by getting badged!

Terry and Mark are related somehow... 26.Mar.2005 08:43

come from family of homicidal maniac's

...they opt to be different...they just made it "legal" by becoming cops!

All In The FAMILY 26.Mar.2005 12:00


fascism is a family affair in the popo ranks , aint it grand !!!?

Not related 26.Mar.2005 13:02


No-- there's apparently more than one Kruger family in PDX. They are not brothers.