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"Truth & Lies of the Biscuit Fire", new pdx indy video, to debut Monday, 3/28

In mid-February, a pdx indymedia videoista spent a week in southern 'Oregon' with the people who are trying to stop the logging of the Biscuit. Over five hours of interviews and forest footage were recorded. A tightly-edited, 29 minute video is the result, with the electronic music of Ashland artist, Random Rab, serving as its soundtrack.

Attached here is a preview/teaser: the first 1 1/2 minutes of the finished product. This video will be shown around town (and elsewhere) to drum up support for the efforts to stop the Forest Service-sponsored crime happening in the Biscuit. Come see it on Monday, where you can also find out how to help!

first 1 1/2 min. of
first 1 1/2 min. of "Truth & Lies of the Biscuit Fire"
In recent weeks, over forty people have been arrested trying to stop the logging of the Fiddler sale. Short videos about those actions, shot and edited by people on the ground there, will also be part of Monday's show.
at It's a Beautiful Pizza 25.Mar.2005 19:06

proofreading videoista

at 7pm.

It's a Beautiful Pizza is located on SE Belmont between 33rd & 34th.

This showing, like all Videos From The Resistance events, is Free-of-Charge.

"Truth and Lies" is a GREAT piece. 26.Mar.2005 12:34


I happened to be privileged enough to see a special advance screening of this piece before it was even finished, and it's BEAUTIFUL. The quiet but powerful voice of one woman who talks about what to do when all legal means have failed, and the images of 72 year old Joan Norman standing strong while being dragged away by the strongarms of the law brought tears to my eyes. I actually think there should be buses waiting outside It's a Beautiful Pizza on the night of the show, just to take people down to Biscuit. Because everyone is going to come away from that show wanting to stand up and DO something for the forest.

img 26.Mar.2005 18:55



more more more 27.Mar.2005 23:29

a Cascadian

EXCELLENT! So far! Great intro. Now post more of the film... pretty please with suger on it.

playback under windows 28.Mar.2005 02:28


To watch this preview under windows you'll need to download either vlc media player or mplayer control.

vlc media player:
0.8.1 -  link to ftp.snt.utwente.nl

mplayer control:
 link to sourceforge.net
0.7.3 -  link to voxel.dl.sourceforge.net

aw shucks 28.Mar.2005 16:10

$8 videoista

thanks for the props. (and also for the windows directions - i didn't know special ones were needed for microsoft; i'm on a mac....)

the entire thing'll go online in a few days. the final polishing edits are happening even as you read this.