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PDX Police *Selling* Vehicle Crash Records?!

Is the Portland Police Bureau selling vehicle collision information to corporations that do autobody work?!
Today I received a phone call from a company claiming they would help repair my vehicle after it had been in an accident where the driver hit my vehicle and ran this weekend. I was awaiting a call from my insurance company's collision repair estimator and I assumed it was them. I could hardly understand a word they were saying as their English was not spoken well. I asked them if they were the company that my insurance provider was sending out to do an estimate and they said they work for a lot of insurance companies. At that point, I asked them how they got my information and they said they found out about my damaged vehicle from the Portland Police Crash Report I was required to file. Is this legal? Are the PDX Police selling our information to other agencies when we are victims? Or is this information freely available to corporations and the public? If so, that is even more scary because victims records are freely available... What the fuck?!
it's surely not legal, but as we've all come to realize 25.Mar.2005 17:15

being legal

never stood in the way of PoPig that does as he/she damned well pleases!

I would suspect that some "rogue cop" is dealing on the side w/ his pet car repair gang.

Naturally, getting a good referral fee...otherwise known as KICK BACK!

Will anything be done about it? Not a chance as long as Uncle Tom Foxworthy is there!

If you haven't noticed yet, he's not a big get 'n' go type of guy when it comes to the
taking on of his own kind. Pretty slow guy to move, as plenty of reports here over his
tenue amply testify.

Sorry about all this hassel...maybe a good attorney could advice as to how to sue 'em?

your insurance company 25.Mar.2005 21:00


might like to hear about this

No need to freak out 25.Mar.2005 22:32


The traffic crash reports that all police fill out after an accident are public records.

Insurance companies and other people in the know routinely request them to see who's been in one for marketing purposes.

yes, I agree...there is something fishy about this incident 26.Mar.2005 08:54

Portlander who's heard enough PoPo bad boy tales

but will anything be done about it? No! I doubt it as they'll go back to "usual" mode.

Nothing will change at the cop shop till Rosenthal take's that Denver job and moves on!

Whoever takes his place will be tempted to do same as Rosie--we can't let him/her do it!

BUT, DON'T YA KNOW? 26.Mar.2005 22:37


it's the way it's done here. the cops get a referral fee for filing reports!

UPDATE! 27.Mar.2005 12:48

Crash Test Dummy

I have now received solicitations from multiple autobody shops & attorneys via snail mail and on my cell phone after registering my Police Crash Report.

This is a personal invasion of my privacy and anyone else who lives in Multnomah County.

If this is commonplace I don't understand why it hasn't been brought up before or protested against?

What can we do?

We already pay the government taxes to protect us and they turn around and profit off us for mandatory filing of a crash report...