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NYC Critical Mass needs your help!

New York City filed a lawsuit this week, seeking to prevent the TIME'S UP! nonprofit environmental group from promoting or advertising events that the city alleges to be illegal. The lawsuit also states that TIME'S UP! and the general public cannot participate in riding or gathering at the Critical Mass bike ride. It claims that any event whatsoever with 20 or more persons require a permit.
October decision in Bray v. NYC
October decision in Bray v. NYC
December decision in Bray v. NYC
December decision in Bray v. NYC
The new lawsuit
The new lawsuit
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Activists in NYC want your help to save the ride!

homepage: homepage: http://www.times-up.org/

It gets worse. 27.Mar.2005 17:42


The situation is worse than the OP indicates. If the City's lawsuit succeeds, it becomes illegal for *any* gathering of 20 or more people to happen in a park or on City property in NYC. An office picnic without a permit? Criminal. A pickup softball game? A crime. A school field trip to the gardens? Illegal. And even worse: "advertizing" such an unpermitted event would ALSO be a criminal act. If you hand aout a fleir about your offie picnic - or even send an email - you're a criminal. If you're a kindergarten teacher planning a field trip, and you send information home to the parents, you're a criminal. have a look at the City's legal filings in the current lawsuit here.
This is a serious, no-holds-barred attack on the First Amendment. Luckily, CM riders are fighting the charges, and Times Up! (the organization charged with "advertizing" CM) is, too. Visit www.times-up.org and make a contribution to the legal defense fund, encourage your elected officials to defend the Constitution, and keep on riding!