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Baloney Joe's

the razing of the old Baloney Joe's
There has been much talk about what is going to be built on the east end of the Burnside Bridge. But not too many people remember what used to be there,the old Baloney Joes.

Baloney Joes was around for years servicing the needs of the invisible. Existing on grass root efforts and a shoestring. It was a valuable resource for those in need.

I remember in the early 80's when Baloney Joes moved to that space on Burnside. They used to occupy a building in Old Town but were displaced to the other side of town.

It seems kind of odd that now that we have a bigger homeless problem, that there aren't more Baloney Joes out there to help. Also ironic, that a Home Depot was proposed to occupy the same sight as an agency servicing the homeless.

Not all buildings are on the historic register nor should they be. However, to see another piece Portland history simply fade away seems kind of sad.