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RED ALERT to Stop Fascist Takeover of California

Progressive Democrats & Democracy for America activists in CA are both urging everyone to flood Sacramento with calls RIGHT NOW. Please help!
PDLA Election Protection Action Alert!

Call/email your assembly rep ( http://www.assembly.ca.gov/) today & urge a "NO" vote on McPherson for Secretary of State.

Check out McPherson's transition team ... shades of Florida, 2000, & Ohio, 2004.

Mr. Moderate Republican has taken a sharp turn to the right, recruiting GOP quarterbacks to call the plays on election day. Do we really want the guy who is raising $70,000,000 for Arnold's special election to be running the voting with McPherson? Do we want another guy whose firm represents Diebold to be overseeing electronic voting machines?

Contact your assembly rep immediately.

Also, tell Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (213-620-4646 or 916-319-2046) ( assemblymember.Nunez@assembly.ca.gov ) that you expect the Dems to fight, not surrender California to slick GOP operatives bent on hijacking the Sec. of State's office. Why is Nunez, a fellow Democrat, reportedly supporting the line-up below?

* Steven Merksamer, former chief of staff to ex-Gov. George Deukmejian and a powerful Sacramento attorney whose firm represents Citizens to Save California, which is raising money to place Schwarzenegger initiatives on the ballot.*

Beth Miller Malek, who once served as chief assistant secretary of state and is an owner of Wilson-Miller Communications. Her partner, Marty Wilson, has been active in raising funds for Schwarzenegger.*

Adan Ortega Jr., a former chief deputy secretary of state who is described in a transition team press release as an employee of GCG Rose & Kindel. The firm's clients include Diebold Election Systems, which agreed to pay $2.6 million last year to settle a lawsuit claiming it sold the state faulty touch-screen voting machines.

In the words of one Sacramento politician, "They varnished the transition team with some quality people, but they also have some very partisan political activists that are connected to the governor's initiatives."

Don't let us lose the California Sec. of State's office to slick GOP operatives raising millions for Arnold. Speak out! Then ...

Share your phone call or email on  pdlavote@aol.com.

Our assembly members are expected to vote on Tuesday, March 29th. Don't let them give away California.

Thank you,
Marcy Winograd
Chair PDLA (Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles)


You have to take a real good look at these people. The top 6 aren't just run of the mill Repubs. These are Schwarzenegger's Generals (not lieutenants, not colonels, not sergeants).

Those are people who are instrumental in formulating his agenda, plans, and strategy. These are the people responsible for seeing that it gets done. These aren't order takers. These people are Order Givers and Commanders These top 6 people are not some benign underlings. If they were just run of the mill Repub Wankers, this wouldn't be an issue. These 6 people are there to make sure that Schwarzenegger gets his "Special Election" and gets his redistricting and his other initiatives.

This was cold, calculated, and very well planned

It's just too coincidental that [California Sec of State] Shelley decertified and sued Diebold, provided a paper ballot option for 2004, and insisted on the highest standards in the nation on electronic voting -- and now he's gone. Too coincidental.

Too convenient to the Bush Cartel and the Council for National Policy (HF Ahmanson et al) who have long wanted to loot California's wealth and bring this progressive state to heal politically.

Their energy brethren in Texas succeeded on the first goal, bankrupting California and enriching themselves, and getting rid of the Democratic governor; now they are embarked on the second goal, taking over the election system and breaking the Democrats' power in this state.

None of these people are to be trusted.

Further, think of the EXAMPLE that has been set -- that if you oppose a Bush Cartel buddy (Diebold), you WILL be destroyed.

Cheney can steal billions and billions of dollars out of the federal coffers for himself and his friends, and Kenneth Blackwell can break every election law on the books, with NO CONSEQUENCES, but if you DARE to oppose us, we will dig out every misstep you have ever made, and utterly ruin you [as done to Shelley].

Same MO as with Clinton, and so many others. It's truly sickening.

They are pulling this off so fast -- like so many of their coups -- that we really don't have time to stop it. That is their purpose -- much as with the Recall. Don't give the public time to think or act.

more here

It's time to unite and fight the corporatist take-over 25.Mar.2005 02:34

Progressive Democrat

It's time for Democrats to unite with Greens and Socialists, Libertarians and with renegade and dissident Republicans to fight the on-going attempted coup intended to end democracy and bring corporate fascism to the U.S.A. The plan also includes turning America into a third world country -- with utter and total powerless poverty for the working class!

We must fight the on-going attempted take-over!

Some of us happen to be registered Democrats, but the truth is that this battle puts party into the background. If I could sacrifice the 200 year plus institution of the Democratic Party and, by that, stop the fascist take-over, I wouldn't hesitate for a New York second!