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Know Your Rights...All 3 of 'em

Listening to the Clash at work tonight, I was amused and thought I would share.
Admittedly this is not really 'news'. Excerpted from 'Know Your Rights', by The Clash from Combat Rock

Know Your Rights, All Three of 'em:

You have the right, not to be killed.
Murder is a crime. Unless, of course, it is done by a policeman.

You have the right, to free speech.
As long as you are not dumb enough to actually try it.

You have the right, to food money.
As long as you don't mind a little investigation, humiliation, and if you cross your fingers, rehabilitation.

Was Joe Strummer living under a G.W. Bush Administration? Oh, it was his dad's buddy Margaret Thatcher.

They're working on changing Right #3 25.Mar.2005 02:38

Listen Up !

The administration has plans to replace that Right #3 as it has been for a generation with the historic right going back to before the New Deal, whenever that was, and that is the MOST BASIC OF ALL GOOD OLD AMERICAN RIGHTS ---------


. 25.Mar.2005 10:02


dhs will tell you food stamps are only a ''supplement''.supplement to what? diahrreah soup kitchen food thats what. fire your social workers.they mouth the states fascism.

You can listen too 26.Mar.2005 03:22


That Clash song is available as part of a pretty good compilation CD put out by MoveOn.org...it's got a nice live/acoustic version of Yoshimi by the flaming lips, Dixie Chicks, etc...on it.