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Kyrgyzstan Democracy.....What a BEAUTIFUL THING

America, did you see the way that Democracy can work? If they lie and cheat.....
they should be run out of town like the Kyrgyzstanians did yesterday to their
corrupt leader.
Who should meet a similar fate in the US?

Resident Bush
Resident Cheney
The entire Neo-con Cabinet
Majority Leader Tom Delay
Majority Leader Bill Frist
Katherine Harris
Kenneth Blackwell
(Care to add to the list?)

Can Americans do it? They could if they could only put the remote control
down for a few weeks, maybe months.

The Congress should never have been allowed to meet to accept the Electoral
College Delegates on January 6th because of massive protesters in DC........but
Americans were watching their favorite re-runs of Friends.
Can Americans do it? 25.Mar.2005 10:15


Not yet. There is still a relatively high degree of comfort in this country, and lots of confusion over where Americans stand on fascism. However, counter-information is spreading like wildfire, and it often plants a seed, even in the reluctant.

If the resistance in Iraq maintains/ups the pace, and recruitment rates continue to erode, a draft could easily be on the horizon. That would make a lot of people uncomfortable.

Multiple sources of economic strain continue to build, and grind away at the US economy, leaving stocks, bonds, real estate, and the dollar exchange rate, in very precarious positions. If any of those sectors snap, that is certain to cause widespread discomfort.

These and other 'catalysts' could lead to a serious backlash from our population. Just a couple million determined people could do it. Most people wouldn't want to get involved.

Time will tell. Just be ready.

John Ashcroft for president anyone? 25.Mar.2005 10:40


Of course it might be worth noting that the man increasingly becoming the leader of the opposition in Kyrgystan is the former head of the Secret Police.... Nonetheless, it seems the average citizens are totally at the forefront of the actions there.

The Danger is . . . 26.Mar.2005 04:12

A. Citizen

the bad guys try to take over, misdirect or steer any popular uprising. They have all the money, resources, intel., technology etc. And they are experienced in such operations.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone, but "be careful out there."

How many readers here know how the republicians were derailed in the French revolution? That's what I thought.