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Alternative to AAA

For progressives there is a service that covers many of our issues like;

Roadside Assistance
Bicycle Assistance
Travel Services
- 24.Mar.2005 19:45


My mother-in-law got my wife and I AAA and then we heard about Better World. We asked her if she would mind switching us, becuase it seemed like a good alternative. She said she called and the phone rang for a while, eventually picking up with an answering machine. That was a bit odd for a 24-hour roadside service.

Does anyone have any success stories with them?

more info about AAA "America's Autos on welfAre" 25.Mar.2005 14:34


The AAA consistently lobbies for more and wider roads, and against cleaner air, bicycle and alternative transportation infrastructure, or anything that would "compete" with automobiles. They continually issue misleading statements about global warming, cell phone use while driving, causes of smog, etc.