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Joint Terrorism Task Force: Full Audio of FBI Press Conference

There were many inconsistencies and weak arguments that Agent Jordan made in his press conference yesterday. I have included the full audio of the press conference including questions.
fbi press conference jttf
fbi press conference jttf
Agent Jordan says "I believe the greatest threat to the region is terrorism..."

On what do you base this belief? I know I do not share this belief. Honestly, security is crappy in this country. I read recently about how easily an investigator was able to gain access to airlines. The reason there have been no 'terrorist attacks' since 911 is because there is little attempt to do so.

40,000 people die each year from car accidents. Approx 20,000 people die from lack of health care. Over 40 million do not have health care. In Oregon. child abuse reports have risen 60% in the past decade. I could go on to talk about global climate change, massive species extinctions and so on.

The federal government is using the fear of terrorism to strip citizens of their rights, to take away peoples control of their own lives. The federal government is wasting lives and money in Iraq. It is supporting the destruction of our environment. It is betraying the heritage of the people of this country by facilitating the corporate takeover of our lives. The people of Portland and Multnomah county should know what is going on, should be deciding how its money, time and resources are used. The federal government has failed us. It is time that we, as a community chart our own course and redefine our relationship to the federal government. I am glad Mayor Potter and the City Council are speaking up about concern for our local control of our own resources and our right to know what is going on. This is a step in the right direction.

Jordan says: "The FBI will not grant top secret clearances to anyone who does not have a legitimate and direct need to know our nations most closely guarded intelligence information. I believe most citizens would be outraged if we were to make it that easy for local elected officials to have access to such sensitive information."

"In addition a top secret clearance requires a lengthy and detailed investigation. It includes polygraphs, both periodic and random. It includes drug testing, urinalysis, it includes background investigations of neighbors, family members and employers going back at least 10 years. I don't think the american public or the FBI, wants to be involved in such detailed and invasive investigation of the private lives of our elected municipal officials."

First, it is contradictory to say people would be outraged if you were to make it so easy to have access, and then say people would not want to be bothered because you do such detailed investigation. If you do such detailed investigation, then you obviously are not making it that easy.

Second, if local elected officials are willing to go through such investigation, then why do you have a problem with it? This is a false argument.

Jordan says: "There is ample evidence to suggest that preventing terrorism should be a priority for all of us here in Oregon."

He gives no examples of this supposedly ample evidence.

Jordan says: "Both the city and Multnomah County have sought and accepted millions of dollars of department of homeland security grants for anti-terrorism programs. I believe that the city is considering a proposal this week for an additional half a million dollars from DHS to combat terrorism. Despite the millions of dollars the county and the city have accepted from the DHS for anti-terrorism efforts, the mayor and the city council are proposing a withdrawal from the primary investigative team to address terrorism in the region. To force the PPB to withdraw from the JTTF runs counter to reason, runs counter to the recommendations of the 911 commission report and seems inconsistent with the city's solicitation and acceptance of millions of dollars for anti-terrorism programs"

First, the mayor and city council are not proposing a withdrawal from the JTTF. They are proposing that a PPB officer not be able to have a higher security clearance than their superiors. This seems like common sense. It is the unwillingness of the FBI to share information that will lead to the withdrawal of the PPB from the JTTF. It is the fanatical climate of secrecy and control in the FBI and other federal agencies, that leads to a local community saying wait a minute. We are not going to just do things on your terms. We want to know what is going on. This is a very reasonable position, particularly in light of the many abuses of power by the FBI that have happened and continue to happen (think Fresno)

Jordan says: "It comes down to trusting the people who serve this community."

What Jordan is saying is that we should trust the portland police officers who are in the JTTF to do a good job. But he is not willing to trust the Mayor and City Council. That is because the FBI does not have complete control over them. There needs to be oversight.

The people who spoke with Agent Jordan ask for sharing info, but it is the FBI that is refusing to share info.

Question: If the chief were granted top secret clearance, what would he be able to know that he doesn't know now?

Jordan: Very little

Question: Are we talking about 2 officers from portland? What would you say to people who think this might be an overblown argument over just two people?

Jordan: We are talking about two officers from the Portland Police who are assigned to the JTTF. The resolution may have an impact on federally directed task forces that include Violent Crimes Task Force, Innocent Images Task Force, Regional Computer Forensic Lab and drug task forces. A year and a half ago the PPB had 8 officers assigned to our JTTF they withdrew them down to 2. So 2 is a nominal perhaps even symbolic move.

Nobody will be at greater risk. I have no doubt that if there is credible evidence that someone is trying to blow up a downtown building, that the Mayor, City Council, the PPB and any other public official or local citizen would do everything they could to stop it.

What this is mostly about is that the FBI does not like it when it does not have control of everything. They want to insinuate themselves into every level of our local government and public institutions. I believe the Federal Government poses more of a threat than international terrorism. They need to hear a big no! I say get a big and oppressive government out of our hair!
now really there...who cares WHAT Jordan has to say, as he 24.Mar.2005 11:21

just a government stoogie

and his time to move back to where he came from has come...move on dude!

Terrorism NOT the greatest threat 24.Mar.2005 12:44


Agent Jordan,

The greatest threat to the region is THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT !

A Clearance is not so hard 24.Mar.2005 12:56

just a citizen

As an enlisted member in the Army one of my duties was to process security clearances for those individuals whose positions required them. I must begin by acknowledging that this was 20 years ago but knowing the Army they are not likely to have changed these procedures significantly, and essentially same procedures applied to any branch of government.

Now, the full investigation for a Top Secret Clearance takes time, yes. Friends and neighbors, school teachers are interviewed. Records are reviewed, etc etc. This can take 90-120 days, but the interim? Unless my memory has failed me or procedures have changed quite a bit, that can be done in a day.

If there was a demonstrable need for a person to begin classified work and a National Agency Check as well as a satisfactory initial interview had been completed, an Interim Security Clearance could be issued. There is no way you can convince me that a senior agent like Jordan could not have a NAC run on someone within 15 minutes. The interviews take about 1/2 hr to 45 min. The Interim Clearance takes 5 min to type up. Done deal.

Mayor Potter has a demonstrable need for access: officers that he is responsible for are being used by outside agencies and he has a duty to oversee their actvities. I bet he can pass a National Agency Check, and I bet he gives a pretty clean pre-clearance interview too. The only danger he rationally poses to the JTTF is if he finds out that PPB officers are being used in ways that violate State law and puts a cramp in the style of the FBI.

The "Greatest Threat" 24.Mar.2005 13:25


When I think about the greatest threat specific to this region, I think of the vanishing forests. I think of callous privateers swarming in to strip the once lush mountains of the last remaining stands of wilderness, exchanging something that means so unimaginably much to all of us for a few silver coins in their dark, cold, cavernous pockets. I think of the thin web of life that sustains us all being shredded before our very eyes, and the finality of what it will mean when these forests are really, irrevocably, gone. Terror, to me, is knowing how close we really are to that ending place.

A forest that took millenia to create can never, ever be replaced. From the first lichens leaching nutrients off the primordial stone, setting the stage and allowing the first tentative vascular plants to emerge, building up biomass until the first fern fronds unfolded, to the first tentative gymnosperms, the first pioneering angiosperms, and at long last, the first giant conifers reaching toward the heavens, our forests are unique and complex, and cannot simply be "grown" by tree companies, or by anyone else. Once they have been stripped to bare earth, the starting point has changed forever. The same gestatinal chemistry is no longer there. These forests were a once-in-forever affair. And from the first gnashing chainsaws, to the last mighty cracking fall to the ground, this can never be undone. A primordial forest, once gone, can never be regrown, recreated. If we leave the earth alone for a million years, new ecosystems will emerge. But we will never have another pacific rainforest like those being torn away from us now. And if we do not leave the earth alone, then human avarice will destroy so much that the fabric of life itself will be torn asunder here, and the earth will look like any lifeless rock in space. That's the greatest threat I can name.

And where does the FBI stand on that? They're profiling forest activists and arresting them as "terrorists." While timber barons trade our future for their bloody profits, those who try to stop them and to protect the earth are incarcerated, harassed, intimidated, threatened, and bludgeoned by agents of the FBI. While corporate lumber parasites make "logs" and dollars out of the last trees standing, Tre Arrow faces the possibility of 80 years in prison for allegedly standing up for the forests. While the ancient forests of the Siskiyous try desperately to regenerate in the face of human-caused peril, the FBI supports law enforcers who tackle and arrest little old ladies trying to stop the saws. While chainsaws and ignorance foolishly gnaw down the birthplace of everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe to the peace in our souls, the FBI says they will protect us from those who would save us from ourselves. Thanks, but I think we can do without that kind of "protection."

thank you there "just a citizen" 24.Mar.2005 14:16

I, myself

suspected that at the root of it all was a fucking LIE...the technique the FBI uses most

The best part of the press conference was the end... 26.Mar.2005 08:22


where the FBI guy cowardly dodged the question about terrorism being the greatest theat that we face.

gannon 28.Mar.2005 22:14


so then, who vetted Jeff Gannon's past before he was given access to the inner chambers of the Presidency of the United States? How did Jeff (?) do on HIS polygraph and 'lengthy detailed investigation'? Sure a lot of Homos around Bush. Wonder what Falwell thinks of that?