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9.11 investigation

9-11 On Trial (see video here)

The World Trade Center Collapse. Here at last is the ultimate PROOF that shreds the government's offical story - and credibility - beyond repair.
Watch a different part of the trial daily at this link:
Highly recommended 24.Mar.2005 12:47

Tony Blair's dog

Check out the real video presentations.

The information is nicely put together in the form of a trial,
complete with judge and witnesses.

A lot of details about the 9/11 fraud that need
to be spread far and wide.

Many thanks for the post!

Thanks Tony Blair's dog 24.Mar.2005 14:24

I posted the article above....

....and I also posted it on NYC IMC thinking New Yorkers of all people should be interested in the truth. It lasted a couple of minutes, and then it just vanished.

It's so important that people realize who was really behind the 9-11 attacks, otherwise they will strike again.