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Breaking News: Eight Dollar Road Blocked Again

Reports coming in this morning indicate that the Eight Dollar Road is blockaded by an activist suspended over the road in a bi-pod, effectively keeping log trucks out of the Fiddler Timber Sale.

Yarding and hauling of timber at the Fiddler sale began recently. This morning's blockade is an attempt to halt this work and to highlight the ongoing logging of old growth reserves. Meanwhile, the courts continue deliberating on the merits of two separate cases that will determine if this activity is legal.
Please stay tuned to  http://www.rogueimc.org for updates.
PROTEST in front of John West's house?! 24.Mar.2005 09:12

a tree

John West of Silver Creek Logging lives in Glendale , just north of Grants Pass. His address is 155 6th st.(near the railroad tracks) I've heard he has round-the-clock security, so don't do anything stupid, but if anyone down there wants to give him a little hell..

Legality is a state of the heart 25.Mar.2005 05:57

Peat Moss

The argument over what is "legal" is just so much BS. "Legal" is whateever some black-robed "honorable" lawyer says it is, if you are a slave.....or it is whatever is in your heart that you know is right if you are a Free Man (or woman).

My prayers are with the people making a stand according to what is right in their hearts.

Keep defying the bastards!