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i realize this message may be redundent... but they know how to sabotage email. better safe than sorry.
I had quite a time accessing your response.
Thank you for responding.
First... I know from your posts that you are emotionally on the same wavelength as I am. I know something of who you are from that alone.

I could not post everything and I cannot say everything here as they are reading my email even as I write (eyes glued to their screen waiting for the next letter of the next word to appear) but I may be able to help you as well. I cannot say more than that but every piece of information puts more of the larger picture into view...even if it is small. (Just writing this has endangered me again.) ALL of the information I have has been given also to 2 very discreet friends of mine in the US who have your name as a possible contact, should anything happen to me.

In truth, I really am in great danger because I am not visible enough-- which is why just even your acknowledgement of the information I posted will help ... but on the other hand -- they will do anything they can to silence people...quickly... and they have their ways...they can make many things look like an accident--though I have no intention of dying either 'accidently', by 'suicide' or by any other means.

ha. I realize I have not answered your question directly but do you see the predicament I am in?

You can call me on the cell phone I listed (91 9897 444 272) and I will call you back.
If nothing else, let me know you received my reply. They can make it look like it was received and even answer it themselves.
Thank you again, HEnk.
All I can say is.. We live in very strange times but sometimes extraordinary circumstances can give way to extraordinary acts.