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Didn't the Nazi's experiment on their victims too?
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), led by
Bush appointees, plans to launch a new study in which
participating low income families will have their children
exposed to toxic pesticides over the course of two
years. For taking part in these studies, each family will
receive $970, a free video camera, a T-shirt, and a
framed certificate of appreciation. In October, the EPA
received $2 million to do the study from the American Chemistry Council, a
chemical industry front group that includes members such as Dow, Exxon,
and Monsanto. The EPA's Linda Sheldon says the study is vital, because so
little is known about how small children's bodies absorb harmful chemicals.
As of press time, none of the EPA's employees are offering to have their own
children take part in this research project. The Organic Consumers
Association is calling on the nation's citizens to demand the EPA forgo this
project before its scheduled launch in early 2005.



Wednesday 23rd March 2005 (05h21) :
EPA Nominee Advocates Human Guinea Pigs
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EPA Nominee Advocates Human Guinea Pigs Stephen Johnson, Bush's Nominee To Run The EPA, Advocates The Testing Of Pesticides On Humans - Even Children - For The Benefit Of Large Chemical Companies Gene C. Gerard March 19, 2005

President Bush recently nominated Stephen L. Johnson, a 24 year veteran of the Environmental Protection Agency, to be the agency's new administrator. Mr. Johnson has been the acting administrator since January, and prior to that oversaw the EPA office handling pesticides and other toxic substances. In nominating Johnson, Mr. Bush described him as "a talented scientist" and having "good judgment and complete integrity."

Yet his record as the Assistant Administrator for Toxic Substances casts serious doubt on whether Johnson is suited to lead the E.P.A., an agency directly affecting Americans' health and many significant industries, including automobiles and agriculture. During President Bush's first term, Johnson was a strong supporter of pesticide testing on humans.

During President Clinton's administration, the E.P.A. would not consider the results of controversial trials that tested pesticides on people. But after Mr. Bush was elected, Johnson changed E.P.A. policy to resume consideration. However, a panel of scientists and ethicists convened by the E.P.A. in 1998 determined that these types of trials were unethical and scientifically unsuitable to estimate the safety of chemicals.

In 2001, the trials considered by the E.P.A. gave paid subjects doses of pesticides 100 to 300 times greater than levels that E.P.A. officials considered safe for the general public. The E.P.A. evaluated three studies that year from Dow Chemicals, Bayer Corporation, and the Gowan Company. The Bayer and Gowan studies were conducted in third-world countries, where volunteers were more readily available, while Dow conducted their study in Nebraska.

In the Dow study, human subjects were given doses four times the level that the E.P.A. knew produced adverse affects in animals. Although subjects suffered numbness in the upper arms, the Dow doctors ruled that this was "possibly" related to the pesticide. Other subjects complained of headaches, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Again, the doctors in the Dow study determined that these symptoms were "possibly" or "probably" related to the chemical. But in the final analysis of the study, Dow concluded that the pesticide did not produce any symptoms. And yet the E.P.A. considered it.

It's wasn't surprising then that in October of last year, Johnson strongly supported a study in which infants will be monitored for health impacts as they undergo exposure to known toxic chemicals for a two year period. The Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study, dubiously known as CHEERS, will analyze how chemicals can be ingested, inhaled, or absorbed by children ranging from infants to three year olds. The study will analyze 60 infants and toddlers in Duval County, Florida who are routinely exposed to pesticides in their homes. Yet the E.P.A. acknowledges that pesticide exposure is a documented risk factor for some types of childhood cancer and the early onset of asthma.

Other aspects of CHEERS are equally troublesome. The participants will be selected from six health clinics and three hospitals in Duval County. The E.P.A. study proposal noted that "Although all Duval County citizens are eligible to use the [health care] centers, they primarily serve individuals with lower incomes. In the year 2000, 75 percent of the users of the clinics for pregnancy issues were at or below the poverty level." The proposal also cited that "The percentage of births to individuals classified as black in the U.S. Census is higher at these three hospitals than for the County as a whole."

The E.P.A. is targeting the poor and African-Americans for the study, presumably in the hope that they will be less informed about the dangers of exposing their children to pesticides, and will therefore continue to expose them over the two year period. The study actually mandates that participants not be provided information about the proper ways to apply or store pesticides around the home. And the parents cannot be informed of the risks of prolonged or excessive exposure to pesticides. Additionally, the study does not provide steps to intervene if the children show signs of developmental delay or register high levels of exposure to pesticides in the periodic testing.

Parents receive $970 for participating in the study, but only if they continue over the two year period. This is a powerful inducement for these impoverished parents to keep exposing their children to pesticides. Even some E.P.A. officials have been troubled by the lack of safeguards to ensure that these parents are not swayed into exposing their children to the chemicals. Troy Pierce, a scientist in the E.P.A.'s Atlanta-based pesticides office, wrote in an e-mail to his colleagues last year, "This does sound like it goes against everything we recommend at EPA concerning use of (pesticides) related to children. Paying families in Florida to have their homes routinely treated with pesticides is very sad when we at EPA know that (pesticide management) should always be used to protect children."

Additionally, it was disclosed that the American Chemistry Council gave $2.1 million to the E.P.A. to fund CHEERS. The council is comprised of many pesticide manufacturers. These manufacturers have known since the 1970s of the long term toxicity of the pesticides being tested in the study. But since this study only lasts two years, there will likely be little or no obvious short term effects. Consequently, once the study is concluded, this will allow the council to proclaim that the E.P.A. found no side effects, and in turn allow them to lobby Congress to weaken regulations on these chemicals.

Stephen L. Johnson is a scientist of the worst kind. Testing of pesticides on humans provides no health benefit to the subjects, or to society at large. But it does help chemical companies who claim that their products are not dangerous. And that is not who should be leading the E.P.A.

by : Gene C. Gerard
Wednesday 23rd March 2005
and then people say "they do not want secession?" 23.Mar.2005 23:18

An Ecotopian

Why the hell would we wanto be part of a country that allows this???? By being part of this fascist country and not fighting to break free we then support this crap!

this is a reason to partition the United Corporation of Amerika 24.Mar.2005 03:47

a Pacific Northwest alpine yeti

I just read that story. It is fucking sick! Targetting impoverished family (black ofcourse). If this is not the reason to break up the united states into smaller pieces then I do not know what is. I know this if we ignore this or just comply then we like the German people under Nazism are just as guilty! This is class warfare which really is just another name for racism, sexism and elitism. If Cascadia remains in this fascistic system or does not stand up against these corporate pigs then we are no different from the Nazis!

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Stephen L. Johnson the American Dr Josef 'Angel of Death' Mengele 24.Mar.2005 04:02

Samantha E.

Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study (CHEERS)

Stephen L. Johnson
Stephen L. Johnson
Josef Mengele
Josef Mengele
Josef Mengele in Nazi uniform
Josef Mengele in Nazi uniform

before they close their site 24.Mar.2005 04:06

Sam E.

Please tell the world they are about to experiment on minority children! The U.N. needs to step in.
fact sheet
fact sheet

Guinea Pigs? 24.Mar.2005 07:32


While our government's actions are totally disgusting, it's important to note that such treatment shouldn't be forced on ANY creatures...

Saboo 24.Mar.2005 10:01

pissed off

Saboo it is the name of the article. Yes this should not be done to any living thing, but it was the fucking name of the fucking article about yet another fucking group of freaks who seek nothing but pleasure out of the suffering of others (all life included even Gaia herself)!