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Postwar "Cleanup Office"

U.S. Creates New "Postwar Cleanup Office"
BUSHINGTON, D.C.(Dominion of Cheney) - After almost two years of resistance to the U.S. occupation by Iraqi guerrillas, the State Department has instructed its puppet government to set up a new office, the office of "Reconstruction and Stabilization", in a desperate attempt to prevent further attacks by Iraqi guerrillas, by "managing the aftermath of war."

"It is not the strong states we are concerned about", said Nicolas Burns, Undersecretary of State, "it is the weak states, the failed states, and the failing states." "Hopeless and poor countries", he continued, "are breeding grounds for terrorists, like those involved in 9/11.

Following September 11, the U.S. has illegally invaded and occupied both Afghanistan and Iraq, and are busily engaged in their "reconstruction" efforts there.

According to the State Department, the purpose of the "Reconstruction and Stabilization" Office is to "lead, coordinate, and institutionalize the U.S. version of "civilian" government, by preparing for and preventing "post-conflict situations", to help "stabilize and reconstruct" those societies in transition from "conflict or civil strife."

George II and cabal have "asked" Congress for an additional $17 million in emergency funding to get the new office up and running. Carlos Pascual, the former Ambassador to the Ukraine, has been named as the director.

Testifying before the Senate last month about last month's budget request, Condoleezza Rice said that the U.S. has seen how states where chaos and corruption and cruelty rule, and how terrorism poses not only a threat to our neighbours and allies, but also to America.

Nicolas Burns, the former U.S. Ambassador to NATO, said that the U.N. has engaged in 41 peacekeeping missions since the end of the Cold War. "Most of those missions could have benefitted from U.S. help", said Burns, "in coordinating non-governmental, military, and other aid."

Co-hosting the conference on rebuilding war-torn states, at the Institute for Peace, with Carlos Pascual, Burns said that the war in Iraq is everything we did not have in Bosnia in 1995.

George II is "requesting" another $124 million for the operation of the "Reconstruction and Stabilization" office for 2006.

Office of Reconstruction and Stabilization:  http://www.state.gov/s/crs/rls/43327.htm
Remove the "re"... 24.Mar.2005 01:40

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before "construction" and you know what it is all about.

Pipeline construction.