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A fresh breeze is blowing through City Hall; Potter's resolution challenging the PJTTF

i attended both press conferences this afternoon -- the Mayor's in the Council Chambers in City Hall, and the FBI's at 1500 SW First (i didn't know that's where their offices were). The first was characterized by its hopefulness and strength (though hedged with a certain amount of politically necessary guardedness) and the second by fearmongering and domination. In both instances, the Corporate Media showed their true colors, which range in hue from petty to dispicable, for the most part.

The Corporate Media casts itself in the role of an objective truth-seeker ("We report - you decide"), but that conceit is belied by their cozy relationships with the Powers-That-Be. If you're looking for the down-and-dirty muckraker of times past who needles government officials and corporate elites with facts that expose their plots and propaganda, you won't find 'em working in the mainstream press anymore. Corporate media long ago ceased to be the watchdog required by a democracy (or any form of community living under governance that yearns to be free). For example, at the FBI press conference, the feds waited to start until Channel 12 got there. Now, if Channel 12 was doing its job -- asking hard questions, demanding solid answers, and not letting manipulative rhetoric go by unchallenged -- the FBI would have been thrilled that they were late, and would have rushed to finish before they had to deal with them. But of course, the FBI knows it can count on Channel 12 to act as its partner in shaping public perception, which in this case means making people scared.

PDF of the resolution Potter & Leonard introduced today
PDF of the resolution Potter & Leonard introduced today
Mayor Potter's press conference, which started at 12:30, was pretty darned inspiring. Potter was announcing a resolution, to be decided by the Commissioners on March 30th, that states a refusal to renew the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) if the Mayor, Police Chief and City Attorney are not given more meaningful oversight of the Portland Police Officers involved. He and Commissioner Randy Leonard both echoed concerns about the PJTTF that had been voiced by many different citizens in that same room during hearings over the years. They cited the Oregon Constitution, which forbids law enforcement to investigate religious or political groups that are involved in organizing legal dissent. The history of federal intelligence operations in this country is rife with examples when exactly that has happened, of course, and the JTTF in Fresno, California, was actually caught in the act when one of their agents was found to have been attending meetings of a local peace & justice group (and not as a potential protester, either!). Potter and Leonard both expressed deep concern that safeguarding the civil liberties of Portlanders must not come second to federal and local efforts to fight "terrorism", and that without better oversight, they would have no idea if the PJTTF was violating those liberties.

During question-and-answers, the Corporate Media were at times almost hostile; it was apparent that some of them are not the dispassionate observers they claim to be, that they believe the government's hype about "terrorism", and that they viewed Potter's resolution as a threat. Other "reporters" were more neutral, but even then, their wordchoices rang in my ears with the trivializing contextualization endemic to their training; they were setting it up so it would be easy to spin the Mayor as "soft on crime" or turn the whole story into a simple "City vs. FBI" bout, as if were a sporting event. Most reporters, of course, are middle-class, mainstream white people, with the set of prejudices that defines that culture, and the lack of critical thinking that supports it. No questions, then, strayed from that narrow field of vision.

Outside that blindered space, though, is the big messy world of reality. That's the world where the PJTTF is merely one tool being employed by an increasingly fascist federal government, where surveillance and harrassment have destroyed personal lives and brought down movements, and where the real terrorists are living in the White House, from which they are tearing our rights into ribbons. Ironically, it all makes for "a great story", as they say in the newspaper business, but it's not one that the Corporate Media is telling, and the likelihood of their doing so lessens every day in this age of consolidation and conformity.

i asked the Mayor one question during the press conference, but i prefaced it first with a remark about how refreshing it was to hear elected officials in that hall repeating the sentiments that had been expressed by so many citizens in the same place over the years. i said this because it was honest, and i really did appreciate it, but also because i wanted the corporate media to hear it. Activists who do things like testify against the PJTTF or protest attacks on civil liberties are often portrayed as uncivilized rabble by the Corporate Media, and i wanted the reporters in the room to note how established these "radical" ideas have become. The Mayor didn't just address the constitutional and legal problems of the PJTTF; he also stated that he was putting forth this resolution because it was "the right thing to do". i have no fear of opening the door to the world of morality (which is merely the world of reality again), and that's somewhere we've got to go if we're going to clean up the mess we've made as a species, but it's somewhere else the Corporate Media won't go, and that's a big chunk of "the story".

(The question i asked him is whether he was hoping that Portland would set a precedent for other cities with JTTFs. He said no, that this is all about Portland and that other cities will run themselves as they see fit. It felt like a very Portland moment somehow; almost like, "we're not going to tell anyone what to do, man", heh heh.)

After the press conference, a friend and i spoke to Commissioner Leonard. i told him it felt like a fresh breeze was blowing through the building. He said he felt like that, too. i believe that we can expect more of Leonard and Eric Sten both now that Katz is out of office. Her glaring visage cast a long shadow over City government, and with its departure -- and Potter's entrance -- a weight has been lifted, and people have more room to be themselves. (Leonard confirmed, by the way, that he not only reads but also posts to portland indymedia. i've seen his name up in a couple comments and wondered if that was really him. It is.)

The FBI press conference was a completely different affair. It took place in a sterile, undecorated (except for two flags and the FBI seal) room with sealed windows on the eighth floor of 1500 SW First. As soon as Special Agent Robert Jordan came into the room, along with a group of stiff-looking men (and one token woman), that feeling of being stifled returned, though with a creepier edge to it. Jordan represents, after all, the power and dominance of the federal government in Washington, DC, and of the repressive regime currently in power there.

He delivered a short statement that was fearmongering bullshit from beginning to end.

He actually said that the "greatest threat" to public safety in this area is "terrorism". He also mentioned how much money the city and state get from the feds, and from the Department of Homeland Security specifically. "Don't you be naughty," he seemed to be saying. "Or we'll cut off your allowance."

i was truly disgusted by the lack of meaningful interrogation imposed on the FBI by the Corporate Media in attendance. At least half the queries were leading questions, intended it seemed to tease out the right soundbite. Their chumminess with the FBI's media liaison also spoke volumes. She should hate these guys, but she sure didn't seem to. Andy Seaton of KBOO was the only one (besides an indymedia videoista) who asked anything intelligent, and Andy kept prodding him on a particular point, trying to get a straight answer. He didn't. Jordan was providing any of those.

The time for the last question arrived, and i grabbed the opportunity. i reminded Jordan of his comment about "terrorism" being the "greatest threat" to people of this region. i said that a parent without a job probably feels like their health and safety is most threatened by the high unemployment rate here. And that a farmer in the Willamette Valley is probably more worried about a possible drought this summer. i pointed out that such rhetoric is common from the FBI and the people in Washington DC, and that (here i gestured to the Corporate Media cameras) "these people" just repeat it unquestioningly, but that he had not offered any evidence for his claim. He didn't provide any, after which i told him that many people did not believe him and that i myself don't believe him. He observed that that's my right and ended the press conference.

Now, though i've been doing indymedia activism for over four years, i haven't done much interviewing or press conference work with people like Jordan who are slick and evasive and highly trained to be both. i'm not honestly a match for him at all, and i know that. i don't particularly enjoy that type of work, either, so i'm doubtful if i'll ever pursue it seriously, but i shouldn't have to. The people who are BEING PAID to investigate news should! They've got money, equipment, and audiences and could be doing some remarkable things. But they're not. And they're not going to. It doesn't matter if we call or write letters or protest. Not doing their job, while convincing people that they are, is their job. The only thing that'll sink 'em is total boycott, but how will that ever work since even most of the freaking activists in this town read the corporate papers or watch the corporate news?!

Corporate media really is a disease, and one of its main symptoms is denial. It's the denial of an addict who ignores the effects on their health and claims they can "stop anytime". I've heard that Mayor Potter reads The One True B!X's PORTLAND COMMUNIQUE every morning. That's great. Perhaps that's partly why he's thinking clearly enough to put forward this resolution challenging the PJTTF. i suppose that as Mayor he has to read the Oregonian, since they are a force of their own in the City with which he must directly deal, but not many people have that excuse. Most people could drop that rag and would be much happier and more creative and effective.

Potter's resolution will have its public hearing (and vote, i believe) at a special meeting on March 30th at 6pm, in the City Council Chamber. That time -- early evening rather than morning or mid-day -- was picked, he said, so that citizens could turn out to give their testimony. He said he also invited Jordan from the FBI. It'll be interesting to see how that meeting goes. It's definitely an event to pack, and give Potter the support he needs. He and Leonard (and Sten and Adams) are willing to go this far. It's not all the way, but it is completely unprecedented in the short history of the JTTFs nationally, and we've got a chance to make history here together.

I am impressed with Tom Potter...way to go there Tom! 23.Mar.2005 22:51

renewed PDX-citizen

Frankly, this dork from FBI is no match for Tom...I am so proud once again of PDX!

Let's keep the pressure on this FBI clown so he'll go back east where he belongs!

These damned kind don't belong out here in Cascadia...they don't have the mindset!

Thanks for the coverage 23.Mar.2005 22:54


Nice to get some good news.

some photos 23.Mar.2005 23:14


here's some pics of some of the people who spoke at the press conferences today.
Mayor Potter
Mayor Potter
Commissioner Leonard
Commissioner Leonard
Commissioners Leonard, Adams & Sten look on
Commissioners Leonard, Adams & Sten look on

more photos 23.Mar.2005 23:16


those previous three photos were all from the City Hall press conference. These three are from the FBI conference. i have to admit that, at the FBI press conference, i got a little thrill out of being on the other side of the camera for once!
Special Agent Jordan
Special Agent Jordan
a State Trooper
a State Trooper
Vancouver police official. Watch out for this guy, friends to the North!
Vancouver police official. Watch out for this guy, friends to the North!

saw it commin' 23.Mar.2005 23:41

good luck!

what's that fucking state trooper take sides with the 24.Mar.2005 00:20

fucking feds

for? this sonofabitch ought to be reminded who pay's his fucking salary!

another symptom of the addict 24.Mar.2005 03:23


is to claim that it is somebody else's fault.

You can boycott the corporate propagandists all you like, spArkle. They will continue to shovel the shit they are paid to shovel. If you want the truth reported, you have to do it yourself.

Unlike Bush, you do not have the US Marines to force others to your bidding.

Please, note that I respond directly to your remarks about the corporate media. I am well aware of your activism here and elsewhere. I object to your notion that the apparatus funded by our enemies should bend to your will. I also think that you, all of us, must do more than bluster amongst a small circle of friends.

good report 24.Mar.2005 03:27


good report and good analysis.

would we have more like it.

thanks for the post 24.Mar.2005 06:25


You know what I like about good reporting like this?

I just feel that the corporate news sloths out there enviously read it like Winston Smith in Orwell's 1984, wishing that they wrote it or worked for someplace that actually valued their reporting skills instead of their "rewrite" and spin skills.

Did anyone publicly comment about a state trooper taking sides with the federals? And for him to leave on his little hat! What a little strutting boy looking big, aren't we?

How Good to Hear 24.Mar.2005 06:56


Great work, spArkle! Thanks for bringing us this very informative analysis. While I am reluctant to give in to the temptation yet, I'm almost ready to believe that the malaise that's gripped this city for at least four years now is finally lifting. I don't like to give credit to politicians when I don't have to, but I must say that things have been very, very different since Vera left city hall. I still believe that ultimate change rests in the hands of the people, but I've been very encouraged with Potter, and even with Leonard, these days. The jury is still out on Sten, who I think means well, but has had a very hard time ever showing it any time that it took courage and a backbone. We'll see.

As for the FBI, thanks for calling them on their lack of cred, and for calling the corporate media on their complicity. Indeed, there are many more serious and pressing concerns in this city than "terrorism" -- unless by the "t" word one means the terror of the state. Oh, and Special Agent Jordan...isn't that the guy who basically said we need him because we have lots of Arabs in this city? (People from "the bad neighborhoods of the world.") Interesting.

Finally, I just want to say that I find the comment by "." regarding "symptoms of the addict" to be perplexing. Telling someone who just wrote such an awesome and informative article (the likes of which will never be seen in the corporate media) that he needs to "do it yourself" is just, well, weird. I mean, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that we must tell our own stories, make and report our own news. That is, after all, what this site is about. But to be taking issue with spArkle, accusing him of not already being aware of that, or not having done that with this very story, is just not seeing what's right there in front of you. Even if you don't know that spArkle has been a tireless media activist for years, that he's been struggling and sacrificing to tell the stories the corporate media won't tell, and empowering others to do the same, even at THAT, you should at least read the damn story before offering up such criticism. And if you are aware of that fact, as you say you are, then talking about "blustering amongst a small circle of friends" is obviously off base.

come on there folk's, let's lighten-up on 24.Mar.2005 08:51

local FBI yokel Jordan

as while we know he's a lightweight put in a heavyweight's ring, he just a toady minion!

Transcripts? 24.Mar.2005 09:26

politicus sal@electrobotanica.org

Does the presence of a State Trooper indicate that Kulongoski has taken a position on this? There's nothing on the  link to governor.oregon.gov)

What does Vancouver Police have to do with this?

Does anybody have a transcript or a link to what was said?

reply 24.Mar.2005 11:13


another symptom of the addict is to claim that it is somebody else's fault.

This is true. It is false however, to then say that anyone who says something is someones fault is then an addict.

Please, note that I respond directly to your remarks about the corporate media. I am well aware of your activism here and elsewhere. I object to your notion that the apparatus funded by our enemies should bend to your will. I also think that you, all of us, must do more than bluster amongst a small circle of friends.

What small circle of friends are you talking about? Publishing to this site which serves 2 million pages a month is not a small circle. Many thousands of people across the nation listened (over the internet and airwaves) to the pdxindy RNC radio broadcast, that is not a small circle. Producing videos that altogether have been downloaded approximately 1 million times over the past year is not a small circle. I think you do not realize the reach Portland Indymedia has.

Support This Act 24.Mar.2005 13:34


This was a courageous stand taken by Mayor Potter and Commissioner Leonard. True, it would be even better if they had just come out and proposed that the city stop cooperating with the PJTTF. But given the political circumstances, it's a very good step. Since the FBI had already insisted that there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell of them cooperating in such an outlandish scheme as to actually allow some oversight of their activities, it seems that this puts the city in a very good position. Either Homeland Security will be forced to clear out their things and get the fuck outta here (my preference), or they will be forced to put their tail between their collective legs, bend over, and give in to the Mayor's and Leonard's demands. Either way, quite a coup. Bravo to the mayor, bravo to Leonard, bravo to the people who have been fighting this demon every year now.

And by the way, bravo to Sparkle for telling such a good story. I feel like I was there.

too much 24.Mar.2005 21:02

corporate media rants

it's great to hear about Potter's views and that all the work that has been done previously to work towards this end are now beginning to show some action of validty.

but i did find ur piece boring, more a piece on corporate media (over emphasized for the umpteenth time) and then sandwiching in some of the facts of the day
yes, corporate media is biased. we've known that for a very long time and we have been told that over and over and over.

critique 24.Mar.2005 22:42


People should keep talking about corporate media lies. They should keep talking about global warming. They should talk about the things that are drastically and dangerously affecting our lives. They should keep talking about them until change happens. No offense, but your boredom is your problem and no measure of whether something has been discussed enough.

The case can be made that the single most destructive force in our country today is corporate control of our media, our means of communication.

FSE 24.Mar.2005 23:02


Corporate media is not just biased! It is the highly sophisticated brainwashing tool of the corporate state. Corporate media is carrying out a war on truth and seeks total domination of your mind.

The conformity of thought in this country is astounding.

" I have the greatest admiration for your propaganda. Propaganda in the West is carried out by experts who have had the best training in the world -- in the field of advertizing -- and have mastered the techniques with exceptional proficiency ... Yours are subtle and persuasive; ours are crude and obvious ... I think that the fundamental difference between our worlds, with respect to propaganda, is quite simple. You tend to believe yours ... and we tend to disbelieve ours. "
a Soviet correspondent based five years in the U.S.

" Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the [U.S.] media."
Noam Chomsky

" Beware the newspapers, for they will have you loving the oppressors, and hating the people being oppressed "
Malcolm X

" One of the intentions of corporate-controlled media is to instill in people a sense of disempowerment, of immobilization and paralysis. Its outcome is to turn you into good consumers. It is to keep people isolated, to feel that there is no possibility for social change. "
David Barsamian, journalist and publisher

" Like blackbirds in flight, packs of reporters darken the sky, moving in swarms at the same speed and in predictable trajectory. When one lands, they all land. When one leaves, they all leave. "
Danny Schechter, Dung on all their Houses

NO collusion with FBI; keep up the fight against PJTTF 25.Mar.2005 02:10


I don't fault Potter or the other commissioners for taking the moderate position of following Oregon law or of standing up for civil liberities and civilian authority over police practices and institutions, however ...

the correct position is that the Portland Police not conspire with the FBI at all.

The way to support the position of Potter and the majority on the city council is to continue to call for the elimination of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force. That does the most to maintain the popular perspective that Potter's position IS the moderate, somewhat compromising, one that it is, rather than allowing it to be cast as some radical, anti-police, terrorism-appeasing policy.

more symptoms of addiction 25.Mar.2005 02:17


I always read the damn story, all of it.

I no more claim denial of responsibility is sufficient to characterize an addict than spArkle claims simple denial is, in his second-last paragraph. I took my subject from his use of both words.

I took my arguments from spArkles third-last paragraph, where he states he is not trained to interview and does not enjoy it and he doesn't want to and shouldn't have to. Nothing I can disagree with there, except possibly the last phrase -- somebody has to.

Then, he claims, "The people", which I take to mean the corporate media, "who are BEING PAID to investigate news should!" I, and others here, disagree that they are being paid to investigate; quite the contrary. I also dispute that they should, although I do not expect to win that argument so easily.

Finally, he suggests that if we boycott them, they will "sink". Does anybody think really so?

spArkle never asserts it explicitly, except for "i shouldn't have to" and the talk of boycott as threat (I thought) of punishment; however, it is clear that he thinks somebody else should be responsible for reporting the news.

Somebody else is reporting the news : our enemies.

Let me, reading the damn story, quote myself : "Please, note that I respond directly to your remarks about the corporate media. I am well aware of your activism here and elsewhere. I object to your notion that the apparatus funded by our enemies should bend to your will. I also think that you, all of us, must do more than bluster amongst a small circle of friends." I also wrote the comment immediately following : "good report and good analysis. [space] would we have more like it."

However, spArkle imbedded at the end of that good (yes, awesome and informative) report -- where people are in a mood to agree with him -- a plea that somebody else should speak for us.

The same plea that makes our protests so pointless.

a small circle of friends 25.Mar.2005 02:41


The population of USA is aprox 280 million. If every one of those billions and billions er ... 2 million pages served a month represented a separate person, they would not amount to noise in the statistics.

The population of Portland is 500 thousand or so. 2 million pages a month is less than 100 thousand a day. Most people download the home page, then surely more than one story. Some people will then download the comment page, send a comment, get the confirmation back; later, check to see if there is a reply -- that's 5 not counting the home page. Then, there are cops and trolls and birchers and so forth. And some are "thousands of people across the nation". It is hard to guess how many are separate persons, let alone how many are our friends. 5 thousand Portlanders maybe? More statistical noise.

And most of them can be trusted to stay obediently away from the polling-station or to vote for the other half of the Democratic Republican Party.

thank you! 25.Mar.2005 07:13

the fish

thanks spArk for atteneding and posting this!


A Change is Blowing 25.Mar.2005 09:10

River Rat

Wow, sounds like there really is change in the air at city hall. Did anyone else notice how different even the damn riot cops have been since Potter came to city hall? They're still oppressive asses, but they haven't been dousing innocent people and their babies with pepper spray for months. Vera sold her soul and the rest of us to greedy business interests years ago, and the riot pigs acted as her trusty minions. But now, there's a palpable difference. Maybe Portland can be a "liveable" city again after all.

And this was an excellent story! Aside from the personal grumblings of one person on a self absorbed rant, the whole thread is very informative.

This is cool. 25.Mar.2005 11:17


I've been way too lazy to actually call or write to city hall to express my support of Potter and Leonard in all this, so I really do think it would be cool if they read this site. I think Leonard does, maybe Potter too. Then again, maybe I should get off my computer and give them a call. This is a pretty important milestone in the continuing battle between greedy, corrupt business giants trying to take over the city, and all the rest of us. They -- the Portland Business Alliance -- really wanted this, so they could keep commerce flowing at all costs, criminalize anyone who sleeps in a doorway or blocks a street during a political demonstration, and host the idiot bush every time he gets a wild hare to pretend he's welcome anywhere but that in bunker in Nebraska. It would be great as far as the PBA is concerned if no one ever ventured into downtown for any reason whatsoever other than lining their foul pockets. And they have had the city tied around their finger at least through the reign of Vera. Praise be that we might finally have some city officials who actually CARE about the city and the people who live in it. Can it be true?

reply 25.Mar.2005 11:42


a small circle of friends

"The population of USA is aprox 280 million. If every one of those billions and billions er ... 2 million pages served a month represented a separate person, they would not amount to noise in the statistics."

Sure, that is true. Still saying a small circle of friends is both inaccurate and insulting. Many many of the people reading, listening and watching are not friends and are of different views and backgrounds. Your choice of that term appears intended to denigrate, so I doubt it is worth the time to talk to you, but I posted some statistics for others to see that this site, and the indymedia effort here in portland has considerable reach. I've not mentioned the cable access TV news show as there is no way to know how many people watch it in the Portland area.

Additionally, stories posted to this site are routinely reposted on other sites, audio is regularly restreamed or broadcast over radio stations. An international TV station recently requested DV copies of a number of videos for broadcast, and there have been numerous other video requests for replay at film festivals, conferences and so on. As I said in the previous post, there have been approximately 1 million video downloads.

In the past year, the number of people who have read, listened to or watched video originating from the overall portland indymedia effort easily numbers in the millions.

All that on virtually no budget, and no corporate ties. The model works. And this is but one of 160 local indymedias around the world.

Corporate controlled media is actively working against a sane and just society. It needs to be exposed, and put out of business.

These critiques of corporate media are important, because corporate controlled media will never be an ally for those who yearn for a sustainable society and a clean environment. They need to put their resources towards efforts that are.

Suppose there are 5000 progressive minded people who read the Oregonian everyday. (as an example). At 35 cents each, that is $1750 a day that could be put towards independent media that serves the common good and promotes a truly democratic society. I am sure the numbers are far higher.

This model works. I encourage more people to take it up, to take matters in their own hands, and not depend upon a corporate media that is actively working against the world you dream of and hope for.

you're right about the change's in City Hall now that Potter is 25.Mar.2005 13:33

our Mayor

as Vera sold her soul to "highest bidder" to get her marching orders from Oregon's
#1 Kiddie Diddler...she didn't make a move unless it was cleared by him first...kinda
informs as to the true nature of her so-called "character". Tom Potter wouldn't allowed
some dorky idiot like Scott McCollister to keep his badge 'n' gun, and he'd have fired
that Jason Seary rather than let him linger around like stinking fish till he resigned.
Let us all be thankful Vera is gone...like old fish in the market late in the afternoon,
she too bagan to STINK!...and be thankful that we've got someone like Potter in there
now...and, let's give him our positive support all we can so he'll continue to earn our
respect and good kudoos for a "job well done!" He'll need our support to stand up to all these thuggish joker's from the FBI...ever look at how grime and unfriendly that new
guy that took Matthew's job is...I say we do a public recall to bring back Matthews...at
least he was nice and decent fellow, and appeared to have the citizen's of Portland's
best interest at heart, rather than being a jerk-kneed toady for Washington FBI/USDOJ as
is this new guy---who's apparently just passing though on his career march through the FBI bureaucracy...once a "bureaucrat", always a bureaucrat...we need human-beings, NOT
robots in that kind of position. Enuf of my blast...have a good day!

A plus for some visitors, a negative for others 25.Mar.2005 15:08


Here's some cutting insight from the Thursday Oregonian:

"Joe D'Alessandro, president of the Portland Oregon Visitors Association, said the agency's research shows Portland already is known as a quirky place. Withdrawing from the anti-terrorism task force could further that reputation, a plus for some visitors, a negative for others."

Wow, tourists could go either way on this one.

Congratulations to the new mayor, the commisioners, and the people of Portland.

Thanks for Update 25.Mar.2005 23:07

Watching them Watching us

I think Randy has figured out what these Neocons, and "The terrorist are coming" FBI guys with all their secret agendas are up to. And that this is a con job. Here is a link << http://www.blueoregon.com/2004/12/the_jttf_why_i_.html>> to BlueOregon web site where there was a fourm on this subject by Randy L that sheds some insight on his perspective.
Portland's leadership does seem to be showing some signs of hope.

~thanks for all the enthusiasm & support by everyone who is following this issue on JTTF
~thanks to spArkle for an excellent reminder of the corporate and to the corporate machine our need for the truth and thanks for doing the hard knocking on their doorstep and foreheads of the facts that need addressing
~a note to Too Much you're quote
"but I did find ur piece boring, more a piece on corporate media (over emphasized for the umpteenth time) and... "
Well amazing as it is, I quite frankly find, out of all the post on this subject of this JTTF issue your post was the boring one!!! and the one you were complaining about by spArkle well that article was excellent.

Correction 25.Mar.2005 23:19

Watching them Watching us

sorry for the previous
here is the "correct link" to the JTTF/Randy L BlueOregon Fourm site

I do read this site 26.Mar.2005 12:15

Randy Leonard commleonard@aol.com

"...so I really do think it would be cool if they read this site. I think Leonard does,..."

I do and the Mayor and I greatly appreciate your kind remarks.

didn't you people notice WHO the people are that are speaking out 29.Mar.2005 10:24

in support of the PJTTF?

of the 8 stoney-faced dudes standing behind Jordan at his press conference, the
majority of them are "Mountain Meadows" Boys...do we have an agenda-driven by a
religious fringe group?

Of the known so-called "public officials" being quoted in THE OREGONIAN as being
in favor of the PJTTF, there are known "Mountain Meadows" Boys with the most vocal
comments...are they looking out for the "best interests" of ALL the citizens of
Portland, or just a tiny minority religious fringe group of less than 5% of the
total population.

Are the same set of character's that were behind the scene in the Bebee fiasco at
the then PDX federal office of Immigration & Naturalization ((now merged with the
larger Homeland Security juggernaut))about 4 or 5 years ago now resurfacing to do
more of their "nasty work"?

People, you'd better wake up and see WHO these people are and what they're doing,
for while they cunningly use Jesus's name to label themselves, they certainly don't
behave as He would do. You need to look at WHY they've gone to extraordinary and
little-noted lengths to stack their "fellow believers" into the court system, the
so-called "law-enforcement" system, and the so-called "internal security" systems,
for WHAT these zealot's have in mind may NOT be acceptable, nor agreeable to vast
number's of minorities within the community, as they've a "rich history" of crush-
ing minorities. They, themselves and their fellow adherents are not educated and
capable of "critical thinking" as they're instead indoctrinated and react/respond
largely based on hierarchial structured commands.

People...beware of these people and WHAT they have in mind for YOU! Wake up!

I appreciate the majority of the Council's stand on this issue... 29.Mar.2005 10:34


...and will inform the Council of the abuses perpetrated by the JTTF in places such as Denver (incessant monitoring of peace groups and harassment of activists they believe were going to the RNC); Des Moines (attempted subpoena of attendees of peace conference at Drake University); and Fresno (infiltration of peace group by JTTF officer, only discovered when that officer died in a motorcycle accident).

A full account of JTTF abuses is available at  http://www.aclu-co.org/spyfiles/fbifiles.htm

I am not against the JTTF itself, but believe local officials such as Mayor Potter and Chief Foxworth have the ability to prevent or reduce such abuses as detailed on the ACLU of Colorado's website.

I also noticed who was absent from the photo of the City Council members - Neil Saltzman. Who's going to run against him next year?

thanks there "in support of the PJTTF?" 29.Mar.2005 17:00

One Who'd Forgotten

for pulling that little bit about the PDX USINS fiasco from deep in the memory hole.

Truth is, I'd forgotten all about it and yes indeed, it's very relevant to today.

I'm sure, if we pulled back the curtain on this PJTTF, we'd see some of same characters!

Thanks for remembering for the rest of us out here. It's much appreciated!