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Critical Mass This Friday (25 Mar)

Critical Mass this Friday, 25 March
5:30PM N. Park Blocks (NW Couch & Park)

Portland Critical Mass: Ride Daily, Party Monthly
We love bike!
Last Friday of the month again, Critical Mass time.

Last week, two brave CM riders met with police Chief Derrick Foxworth, and others to discuss the state of the Mass. The discussion was polite and friendly, but there's a big gap in perspectives. There is hope of more bike cops, and fewer motorcycle cops this month.

Meet at North Park Blocks (NW Couch and Park), Friday at 5:30PM.

Critical Mass is a celebration, so leave any aggro attitudes at home. And bring a front light, and make sure you've got either a rear light, or a rear reflector.

Someone has coordinated a destination for the ride...toons.

Portland Critical Mass: Ride Daily, Party Monthly
Last Friday every month, 5:30PM, N. Park Blocks (NW Couch & Park)

We love bike!

homepage: homepage: http://www.subluna.com/criticalmass/

Battle of the 'Toons following CM 24.Mar.2005 13:47

Rose City Critical Masser

Yes, that's correct, there will be an epic battle of cartoon shows for audience favorite, at a cafe following the CM ride. Cartoons on a big screen, at a venue with beer, wine, yummy dinner food, and snacks.

Also, check this out, the new Critical Mass Portland website is beginning to stir:
Stay tuned for how to submit pictures, stories, get in on discussion, etc.

In the meantime, Critical Mass Portland discussion list:

new CM website and email list 03.Jun.2005 15:12

Rose City CM

There is a new website for Portland Critical Mass:

Here is where you can subscribe to the new mail list, much exciting discussion happening: