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Texas City Terror

Corporate Terrorism in Texas City?
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe
With our current oil demand and regulatory systems you should be ready for more corporate terror like this.

Perhaps this is hype but look at the profitability of this behaviour. Fuel stock price go up due to panic. Insurance pays for new equipment and life lost, but will it be reinvested?

Now if there is indeed an oil shortage the reinvestment will not result in more refinery capacity, but in short term profits to be tucked in the Boards pants. With limiting refinery capacity the price will remain elevated. Can you see a win win situation here.

National economic ramifications are significant however. Will this behaviour worry the Federal reserve?
Not likely for as inflation is fought by hikes in interest rates. Energy costs on one hand and a endless war on the other, the federal reserve will suck the wealth right out of your portfolio with rising interest rate.

But don't worry we can keep profits up with immigrant worker program to keep wages down.

Can you say Stagflation?