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JTTF News Conferences and Story

Attached is my KBOO story and some of the raw soundage from the City and FBI news conferences on the JTTF
KBOO Story
KBOO Story
Potter's Opening Statement
Potter's Opening Statement
Potter's Outlines Security Levels
Potter's Outlines Security Levels
Randy Leonard Statement
Randy Leonard Statement
FBI Questions
FBI Questions
0309 or jttf
wednesday, march 23, 2005
jttf on ir #
runs __ : __ w/lockout kill date/time: mar 24, 7:30 am
mayor tom potter has requested full access to the joint terrorism task force investigations and files. fbi special agent in charge robert jordan refused. during the fbi press conference jordan also admitted that at least one jttf investigation has violated state laws banning investigation of lawful political and religious organizations.
k-boo's andy seaton was there and his this report.
in an effort to fully supervise the portland police officers on the fbi lead joint terrorism task force, mayor tom potter has requested a top secret security clearance for himself as police commissioner, police chief darrel foxworth and a portland city attorney. fbi special agent in charge robert jordan has refused. potter wants to make sure the jttf is following oregon state law banning investigation of law abiding political and religious organizations. during an fbi press conference, agent jordan admitted that at least one jttf investigation has violated this state law.
jordon went on to say the jttf is not restricted by state law
mayor potter has introduced an ordinance requiring full city oversight for the jttf and other joint task forces the city participates in.
commissioner randy leonard is cosponsoring the ordinance
commissioner sam adams also supports this move and puts in context with citizen review of the police actions.
mayor potter went onto describe the security clearance that he is requesting
several activists support the mayor's move. katherine stoffer held a sign thanking mayor potter
indymedia activist deva supported the move, but questioned if a security clearance would effectively hogtie city officials
longtime activist mike d also supported the move
mike d
the ordinance will be formally debated before portland city council on wednesday march 30th at 6pm at city hall.
i'm andy seaton, kboo news

homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.fm

thanks for posting this, Andy! 23.Mar.2005 18:16

regular reader

it's great to get multimedia reports from events like this. the corpo media will just give us tiny little 5 second snippets, i'm sure; it's much better to get reasonably sized chunks like this, that you can actually learn something from!

Thanks Andy 23.Mar.2005 18:41

'nother volunteer

This is a great story in and of itself. And, this is great coverage. And great news.

Tom Potter vs the FBI 23.Mar.2005 19:18


The story on KATU.com shows Potter's Photo with the caption:
"Tom Potter vs the FBI"

The story's title is: "Portland would stay in task force only if files are open"

Hopefully Potter does have the people of the city's
interests at heart. At least one local citizen
(yep! the Mayor's a citizen, too)
should have full access to their stinkin' files.

So, Vera, Why didn't you say the same thing, namely,
We'll stay in task force ONLY if files are open.

She apparently had a whole lot of faith in the Feds to police themselves
with regard to the privacy of the people of the City of Portland.