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what happened to article posted @ PIMC last Saturday?

Something odd is going on here at PIMC and I'd like to know what
happened to an article I wanted to read last Saturday, but failed
to bookmark as I was in hurry to get off to the protest, and had
intent to get back and read it later.
I got back to it today and can't find it...anywhere...it not in
the regular listing, nor is it is compost pile!
therefore, WHAT HAPPENED to the article posted under this title last Saturday morning a
little after 10:00am (03-19-05)..."4 FREE VIDEO CLIPS from Alex Jones latest document- ary: MARTIAL LAW 9-11" by "author: repost"?????????? I'd like to see it...thanks!
well... 23.Mar.2005 17:15

video geek

I'm sure you could search for it. But if you want to watch the movie you can just download it here:


Windows Media 23.Mar.2005 18:27


Can't use it. Realplayer, Quicktime, Torrent, etc. but not WM.
Hell, I understand it's a good one from Alex.

it's a windows media file 24.Mar.2005 01:19


usually working good with a recent version of Windows Media Player. you may be able to play it with "video lan" or VLC:  http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

VLC is a free player that comes bundled with many codecs you can even use it to play quicktime .mov files. it's a very nice player to have around.