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Stopping Walmart in Beaverton - Update

The latest on stopping Walmart in Beaverton - more at  http://www.savecedarmill.com
From: Steve Kaufman < s2k@easystreet.com>
Subject: Save Cedar Mill Update
Date: Mar 22, 2005 5:25 PM

Dear Save Cedar Mill Member:

Our group has grown to more than 720 members--in only a month! In that short time, we've been very active and very vocal in our opposition to the proposed Wal-Mart store at the Barnes Road/Cedar Hills Blvd. site. I congratulate all of you for taking such a strong stand and for getting involved. I wanted to bring you up to speed on what's happening--and tell you how you can help propel the movement forward.

Town Hall Meeting
Senator Charlie Ringo will be holding a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, April 7, 2005, 6:30 PM at Sunset High School Auditorium (13840 N.W. Cornell Road). Among the topics he will discuss will be the Wal-Mart proposal. The Senator will be making some important announcements regarding the work he is doing in the Oregon Legislature on this topic. Just as we did with the Wal-Mart neighborhood meeting, it is very important that we turn out in force to this meeting. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Save Cedar Mill began only four weeks ago. On Monday night we took another step in organizing the group. Officers and directors were duly elected and Save Cedar Mill is in the process of incorporation. This is important because it puts us on a "business footing" for managing our financial affairs and hiring professional help. We will be posting information about officers, directors and committee chairs on our webpage in the next few days.

The time has come to begin fundraising for our group because we cannot do this without professional expertise and guidance. We need to hire two consultants: a land use attorney and a traffic engineer. To do this, we have set a goal of $20,000 to be raised within the next two weeks. That's where we need your help. If you can, we would like you to make a donation to Save Cedar Mill. Any amount you can contribute is welcome. What's important is that we all do what we can as a group to reach our goal. If you can't donate money, we'd love for you to donate your time . There is something everyone can do to help the cause.

If you'd like to make a donation, please make out a check to Save Cedar Mill and send it to:

Save Cedar Mill
P.O. Box 545
Beaverton, OR 97075

We are also working on lawn signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts as fundraising items. Stay tuned!

I'm thrilled that our membership has grown so quickly. A large group sends a powerful message that the community is serious about our resistance to this store. To that end, we have set a goal to double the size of our membership in the next week. To accomplish this, I would like each of you to invite one person to sign up at the website within the next seven days. It's very easy to do. Just ask a friend or neighbor how they feel about the propsed Wal-Mart store. If they say they aren't happy about it, tell them then can do something to help and their support is really needed. Tell them how to sign up at the website--and tell them that it commits them to only one thing: receiving an email about once a week. If you do this, it will give us more than 1,500 voices in the community who oppose the Wal-Mart store--and create a very strong advocacy base for our cause. Let's see if we can reach this goal by March 30th! As you think of who to ask, think of people of all ages. This proposed store matters to everyone--including the youth of our community.

Other Notes
- If you've volunteered for a committee, you'll be hearing from your committee chair soon. If you haven't joined a committee, please visit the website www.savecedarmill.com to sign up.

- The website has been updated. We're also working on adding a few new sections to it, including the "talking points" why we are resisting this store and email addresses of your leadership team.

Remember: there are three things you can do right away to help the Save Cedar Mill movement:

- Plan to attend Sen. Ringo's Town Hall Meeting at 6:30 PM on April 7, 2005 at Sunset High School Auditorium
- Make a donation to the Save Cedar Mill cause--either financial or through your time
- Recruit at least one friend to sign up at the website within the next week

Thank you for your continued support of the Save Cedar Mill movement!

Best regards,
Steve Kaufman

homepage: homepage: http://www.savecedarmill.com

Here's a neat story that KBOO did on this 23.Mar.2005 15:10

Nutmeg Alfredo

Membership drive going on at KBOO :)


20 Thousand??!! 23.Mar.2005 16:53


That kind of defeats the whole purpose. 20 thousand is a lot of money to defeat Wal-Mart. Ron Wyden doesn't really have anything directed towards him. I say you hold another picket for Wyden. I think there is a lot easier ways to get Wal-Mart out of here. This thing is made to profit off of you. If you dissaprove of it and speak it, it will be pretty hard for this thing to get established. I'm not saying that it is incredibly easy to stop Wal-Mart, I'm just saying there is a lot more easier ways to stop them, rather than paying 20,000 dollars.

Response to $20K comment 24.Mar.2005 08:53

Nutmeg Alfredo

$20,000 is just to get started. Have you ever stopped something before - a cellphone tower, a Walmart? I doubt it, it takes people and it takes money. Sorry, Walmart has billions to blow - buying off politicians, planning councils, etc. Don't knock the fundraising effort.

Tell it like it is. 24.Mar.2005 12:52

Anony Moose

some truth (previous post on this subject):


Thanks for that link - we appreciate the supporters 25.Mar.2005 09:59

Nutmeg Alfredo

Yes, it may have taken a while for Beaverton to wake up, but now that some people are showing some energy, don't undermine us, support us. Thanks to those along that link above this that support what Beavertonians are doing now. Who knows what else these folks might take on once they're organized? Nike, Intel?

Why should walmart be stopped? 07.Apr.2005 16:24


I have been a Walmart shopper for a long time.
First thing I asked after moving to Hillsboro was "Where is Walmart?"
I was told that there is Fred Meyers, Target and Kmart close by but Walmarts are a little far. So I shopped a little bit at the 3 stores mentioned until I realized I was paying much higher prices for everything. I had to drive a long distance and buy stuff from Walmart. Call me cheap but its sensible shopping. Why pay a dime more on every soap bar you buy at Target or Kmart.

If you think small businesses will be destroyed in this area then get rid of all big stores than I will join you in opposing Walmart. But otherwise it is unfair to oppose Walmart while Target, Kmart, Costco, Fred Meyers and other big stores do business in this area.