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Restaurant closes in east Vancouver

And other news
A Sense of Closure

Billygan's Roadhouse in east Vancouver closed recently. The message on the outside readerboard says "We enjoyed serving you." No word yet on why the business failed, yet there remains a surplus of eating establishments in this part of town, many of which have sprouted up in only the past year or so. To name just a few: Ruby Tuesday's, Pizza Schmizza, Boston's (Gourmet Pizza?) and Sunset Bagels.

For me, the closing of Billygan's hits especially hard. As a birthday present last January, I received a gift certificate for one free dinner at Billygan's, good for any entree up to $14.95, and it expired on March 31. Well, it expired a little sooner than expected. Some birthday present, huh?

Appearing in a Public Restroom Near You

After many months of being unemployed, I was thrilled to land a full-time job last month at a local establishment. So when that job dried up after only one month, I was less than amused. I still don't know exactly how to describe that job, or what exactly led to my dismissal. I'm beginning to wonder if it was all just a dream.

Ticket to Ride?

Due to the failure of a ballot initiative last November, C-Tran, Clark County's public transportation system, is now forced to make drastic changes. Beginning in May, the fare will go up twenty-five cents, from a dollar to to a dollar twenty-five, and transfers will be eliminated. Ouch! In a new twist to the old Beatles' tune, she DOESN'T have a ticket to ride, and maybe she does care.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Yes, and he's Brian Baird, U.S. House Representative from Southwest Washington. A clinical neuropsychologist by training, the congressman recently injected his professional expertise into the debate about Florida native Terry Schiavo. In debate over a bill that would allow a federal judge to decide whether to reinsert the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo, Baird proclaimed, "I do not know what to do tonight...I honestly do not." In the end, Baird was one of 203 congressman who voted for the bill.
there is another Billygan's 23.Mar.2005 12:49


Not sure of the exact address but it is in Hazeldell, on Hwy 99, I believe.