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Mayor, Leonard to make Announcement re Homeland Security, PJTTF, at City Hall Today

Where: City Hall
When: 12:30pm
Be There if you can.
Mayor Potter and Commissioner Leonard, both known to have some misgivings about the PJTTF in the past, are set to make an announcement at a press conference today regarding the relationship between the City of Portland and Homeland Security. Word has it, the announcement will have something to do with the PJTTF.

I called the mayor's office and was told that all the details will be made available at the press conference. I then called the commissioner's office, and learned a little more from a very helpful aide. Contrary to my fervent hope that these officials would have the jutzpah to finally say NO to the PJTTF, it appears that this will be a qualified "maybe." According to the aide, the annoucement is expected to entail a set of conditions that Homeland Security officials must meet before the city will continue to work with them. The only one of these conditions that the staffer could remember off hand was that the Mayor is going to insist that he and the chief of police have access to all of the information on any PJTTF case. (In the past, they have not been provided with this information. Instead, it was dribbled out on a "need to know" basis.)

The person with whom I spoke said that further details of these conditions had been made available in one of the corporate media rags floating about in paper boxes around the city. However, I would advise anyone wanting to learn more to either go to the conference today, or else call around yourself. As you know, "news" as defined by the corporate media is highly filtered, and can be dangerous to your health.
About the Resolution 23.Mar.2005 10:21


COOL! Out JTTF, Out. 23.Mar.2005 10:49


I would like more from Leonard and Potter, but this is a good first step. (And thanks BX. Cool of you to add more info, but I prefer hearing from you than from the Oregonian. Yuck.)

Tell Tom Potter What You Think 23.Mar.2005 16:33

express your opinion

I think it's really important to support politicians when they do something right. I just phoned Tom Potter's opinion line and expressed my sincere appreciation for his willingness to stand up to the federal government. I told him that I thought most of the terrorist claims are hoaxes and that if there is any real concern, the FBI should be willing to share it with city officials. I expressed my appreciation for his determination to ask for real oversight, rather than pretend oversight.

For anyone who is interested in expressing their opinion, Potter's opinion line is 503-823-4217.