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KBOO morning news for 3-23-05

run sheet for 3-23-5 am
KBOO moring news for Wednesday, March 23rd
- a barge is gounded off the Washington coast
- Oregon houses are found to contain toxins from household products.
- local folks are getting involved in the Burnside bridge project
- a young democrat is banned from a bush speech in Arizona for wearing a young dem t-shirt, and a 13 year young girl is arrested for lobbing an egg at shrub's motorcade headed to the speech, and her aunt is also cited, for disorderly conduct.
- the gropenator's attempt to stop a libel suit brought on by a british tv commentator has failed.
- about 2000 demonstrators protested outside a hotel where the gropentator was attending a fundraiser.
- free speech radio news- FBI agents called intel gathering practices at guantanamo "suspect"
- the pentagon is refusing to reopen an investigation into alleged abuse by us troops of 3 Iraqis working for Reuters.
- free speech radio news-the EPA disregards a study they co-authored and paid on mercury emissions
- free speech radio news- UN reps call for access to clean water for all
- tests in Britian prove that GM crops are harmful to the environment.
- Israel plans to build 3500 new homes in the largest settlement in the west bank.
- free speech radio news- India's parliment passed a restrictive plan, that some say may curb inexpensive drugs for third world countries
- lawmakers in France have abolished the 35 hour work week
- 96 people in Angola die from a virus related to the ebola virus