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Photos of Weekend Activities in Portland

Summary Images of Sunday's Arlington NW activities.
Images of Arlington NW
Images of Arlington NW
We gathered at the UCC downtown. Two women ministers, a rabbi & an Iman each prayed & blessed the dead & encouraged Peace. A VietNam era Vet spoke of the urgent need to dispell the lies before more are lost.The music was tender & beautiful. Afterwards we walked in solemn procession behind a flag draped, "coffin" to the South Park blocks to install the grave markers. More than 1500, each had the name, age, rank, hometown, and deathdate of the soldier who'd been killed. Local churchpeople spent hours & hours personalizing these markers. It was cold & wet & windy, so the flimsy cardboard tokens needed to be laid down on the grass.

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Blumenhauer 23.Mar.2005 08:23


Could someone give a brief summary of US Rep. Blumenauer's speech? I left early as I was cold. It was a remarkable event.