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Another Free Book: Intro to the Signs and Techniques of Online COINTELPRO

If this topic is important to you, please read this and save it to your hard disk for future reference. Feel free to email it to others that might need it.
Introduction to the Signs and Techniques of Online COINTELPRO
Introduction to the Signs and Techniques of Online COINTELPRO
See e-Book in PDF format.

Looks like a good book, thanks! 23.Mar.2005 12:33

Jody Paulson

I read the introduction about employers being contacted, email being hijacked, cyber- and real-life stalking. I want to say this is all true, it really does happen. It happened to me, as well. I only started writing essays on Global Indymedia shortly after 9-11, and it was dead obvious I was being targeted with all kinds of computer and real-life nastiness because of it. Thanks to people like you who are willing to put the truth out for free, there's hope for the future, and it becomes that much easier on the next guy who dares to exercise his right to free speech.

agre 23.Mar.2005 15:16


looks good by description.
I'll be reading this on my palm tonite at work.



Thanks 23.Mar.2005 18:42


Sent this all over hell ... b

want to read your book 24.Mar.2005 00:52


I cannot access your book as I am on a public computer is there any other way to read your book???

they won't screw with you 24.Mar.2005 04:39

if it's too much trouble to figure out who you are

Remember there's no need to use your "real name" in an internet web post

and no real reason to do so.