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9.11 investigation

Blackmail for Silence

The truth about how certain officials have been compromised into positions of silence.




homepage: homepage: http://www.rense.com

Wow! 23.Mar.2005 00:37

Tony Blair's dog

This is explosive stuff!

Many thanks for this post.

it's about time 23.Mar.2005 07:19


I'm so glad to see this and I hope more people will too.

Does anyone know if Kay Griggs is still alive?

WOW is right 23.Mar.2005 09:17

eyes closed tight

If kay griggs is alive, she will probably get depressed shortly

I might believe... 23.Mar.2005 14:30

Jabba the Hun

I might be more inclined to believe this clap if the actress did not exhibit the classic body language of a person not completely convinced of their lines.
I'm not saying that the material is completely untrue, it's just such an ameraturish production absolutly unworthy of any serious consideration.

Spot the spin... 24.Mar.2005 01:09

Tony Blair's dog

when the spinmeisters get to work...

"I'm not saying that the material is completely untrue, it's just such an ameraturish production absolutly unworthy of any serious consideration."

So, according to mr."Jabba the Hun", when the production
is not made by one of the big corporate tv-studios it is
"absolutly unworthy of any serious consideration".

So why are you here on indymedia?

Hehehe, I rest my case.

On the contrary 24.Mar.2005 08:38

Jabba the Hun

On the contrary mr. dog. To get a real schooling on body language and how it reveals lies and spin, watch "big corprate tv", boot licking spin nazi central.
The most fun of this site is ferreting out the bunk and straining the truth from this great stew of propaganda and the writings of genuine truth seekers.

Lighten up and keep the top of your head open.

Nice try mr."Jabba the Hun"... 24.Mar.2005 12:00

Tony Blair's dog

By calling Kay Griggs "the actress", in a stupid attempt to smear her
you have given away your agenda.

I was going to suggest you research the people before you try
to smear them but something tells me that you already know who
she is and that is why you are trying to put her down.

Not very clever.

NOT!! 24.Mar.2005 14:17

Jabba the Hun

Not really...perhaps I am not the eloquent writer, but you missed the whole point. This information may all be true (I wouldn't be the least bit surprised), but why do people stoop to such idiocy to prove their point? It reminds me of photoshopped pictures some people use to "prove" their story or report, when it is otherwise obvious that the information is genuine and can stand on it's own...some of us here have brains. This is not a smear of any person, simply of the methods and ploys used to authenticate their claims; "me thinks they protesteth too much!" actually discredits them and steals from any truth.
The art of reading body language is very interesting and a facinating aspect of human psycology. It is particularly useful when viewing remotly, I.E. when you cannot be present for the interogation (oops!, I mean interview). No human pyramids here, just allow me a round of 20 questions and the truth will be revealed.
I have read many of your posts mr.dog and I get the feeling that we are on the same side on many subjects. IMHO much can be learned from other people's posts, if ya know what I mean?
Just remember: Ve hafe vays! Learn from one another, seek always the truth, keep your head about you when others...etc. etc.....

Come again? 24.Mar.2005 14:37

Tony Blair's dog

"but why do people stoop to such idiocy to prove their point?"

What "idiocy" are you refering to?

jabba the fool 10.May.2005 20:02

jabba the fool

do some research before you type jabba the fool!

lifed from:


(Norfolk) January 29, 1995, Sunday,

Copyright 1995 Landmark Communications, Inc.
The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk)

January 29, 1995, Sunday, FINAL EDITION


8:20 p.m. - The Great Neck home of George and Kay Griggs.

Kay Griggs, executive director of the all-volunteer Virginia International Visitors Association (VIVA), is hosting a casual dinner party for a few friends, two Russian mayors, one Russian economic development director and an interpreter. The Russians and interpreter have been on a monthlong tour of the United States and Virginia Beach is their final, two-day stop.

The guests serve themselves from the well-laden buffet table and sit down in the living room to eat.

Russian vodka and white wine flow freely and Vladimir Chunikin, the economic director, gets up and makes a charming toast to the hospitable American people. Everyone clinks their glasses and says ''cheers!''

A few minutes later George Griggs delivers another toast, praising the Russian visitors and his ''beautiful wife,'' Kay. Another round of clinking glasses, and the guest down their drinks, saying ''to the Russian people!''

A while later Mikhail Chernyshov, mayor from Rostov-on Don, stands and tells a Russian folk tale through the female interpreter. Then the other mayor, Vataly Pevnev rises to make yet another toast.

''This whole evening I feel like I'm in my own home,'' he says through the interpreter. ''When we arrived at the airport I wondered how we would know our hostess. But I realize that a person with such a great soul as Kay would know her people anywhere.''

Kay Griggs looks up, touched, and can only mutter ''Oh, my!''

He continues. ''This is a toast for our dear hostess Kay, as the American woman who has taken us into her heart. I thank you.''

Everyone clinks their glasses and Kay wipes the tears from her blue eyes.

The party continues, and toward the end of the evening mayor Chernyshov delivers the last toast, another Russian folk tale. He tells about an old man who is visited one stormy night by friendship, love and riches. They ask to be let in but the old man says he doesn't have room for them, as his cottage is very small. He can let only one in. So friendship comes in.

But love and riches entered right behind friendship, and the old man was surprised to find that they all fit.

''Wherever friendship goes, there's always room for love and riches,'' says Chernyshov with a broad smile, holding out his glass of vodka. Everybody cheers and clinks their glasses.

''That was beautiful!'' Kay exclaims. ''You're all philosophers!

''To friendship, love and the communication of language,'' she says, her eyes bright with tears again. ''You are all so wonderful.''

- Pam Starr

The Virginian-Pilot wrote:
(Norfolk) November 17, 1995, Friday,

Copyright 1995 Landmark Communications, Inc.
The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk)

November 17, 1995, Friday, FINAL EDITION

...From March 28 through April 5, the choir is scheduled to give a performance tour at Moss, Norway. The program is sponsored by Norwegians and facilitated by members of Moss-Virginia Beach Sister City Association Inc. in Virginia Beach, said Kay Griggs, the association's president.

Griggs said choir members will be matched with Norwegian families during their stay. Currently, the association is helping the choir raise funds for travel expenses...