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this unbelievably arrogant tale of information-abuse just posted
at www.libertythink.com

Fox News set to lie about OKBOMB surveillance tapes, more
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Patrick Briley, an ex-Navy Zionist-Xtian who has been investigating the Arab angle to OKBOMB for several years, has written an open letter to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Excerpts from the letter, posted in its entirety to NewsWithViews.com / LibertyForum March 16, 2005:
Fox News is producing a special on the Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing for airing around the time of the tenth anniversary of the bombing, April 19, 1995. Mr. Peter Russo, the producer...

OKC attorney Michael Johnston... has been a Federal litigant seeking the release of surveillance tapes associated with the OKC bombing and Johnston won a ruling ([which the feds have] not complied with) from Federal judge Wayne Alley ordering the release of such tapes held by the FBI and DOJ....

Russo told me that he had already spoken to Johnston and McVeigh?s defense attorney, Stephen Jones, about surveillance tapes associated with the OKC bombing case. Russo tried to tell me there was no surveillance tape evidence of John Does because Russo claimed that Jones had told Russo that Jones had gotten all the surveillance tapes and did not see a John Doe on the tapes. But Johnston told me after my conversation with Russo that Russo has not spoken to Johnston any within the past few years, if at all. Johnston says that although it is possible, Johnston is not sure that Russo has ever spoken to Johnston at any time. When I related to Johnston what Russo had quoted Jones as saying about the tapes, Johnston told me that the Russo provided quote attributed to Jones was significantly misleading because Jones did not believe he had gotten all the surveillance tapes and Jones was concerned the ones he did receive could have been edited. I had told Russo this same thing in our conversation, the same thing that Johnston later verified again to me.

Russo had started our phone conversation by telling me that there was little I could tell him about the OKC case that he had not already learned during his 3-4 months working on the story. But during our conversation I identified at least ten additional major and vital aspects of the OKC bombing that Russo told me he had never heard of before.