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Viva the People! the revolution begins with deconstructing High Educational funding

This idea is truly amazing and I think should expand to PSU as PSFU (Portland Student Funded University ... I love saying "FU"), WSU as well as PCC should be PSFC (Portland Student College). Devaney/Woon if you are reading this please think about what this kind of movement would do to the dynamics of the student/administration "relationship".

The idea hamsters that came up with Oregon Student University should be given metals! The very renaming of the university might just empower the students.

I have thought of something similiar in the past, but this renaming is totally awesome. I think we should continue this in other organiztions that either do not reflect the social justice or gives the illusion of state or federal assistence... maybe the Veteran's Affairs Department, Oregon High Education, the Oregon Health Plan, Adult and Family Services, Oregon Department of Forestry and other misleading names of departments and oreganizations.

What I was thinking is we need to merge a student movement (k-12 and higher) with a workers' movement and with the marginalized silenced population (the homeless, under-employed, nonemployed, unemployed, wage slaves, the medically needy, elderly and others) into a new movement called Mamook Tilicums (Chinook jargon for "Working People" or the "doing, acting or performing tribe") or for short The Mamook!
Oregon students lead fight to change OSU's name

By The Associated Press

SALEM Oregon State University students have taken their campaign to change the school's name to the state capitol.

But Beaver alumni can still call their alma mater by its OSU initials if House Bill 3282 becomes law. Students are leading the charge to change Oregon State University to "Oregon Student University,'' in order to reflect the shift in the funding burden from the state to students.

A spokeswoman for Rep. Kelley Wirth, D-Corvallis, who is a graduate of the university, said that Wirth is sponsoring the bill because she supports the students and wants to draw attention to declining support for higher education and the shift in costs from taxpayers to students.

That's Hillarious 22.Mar.2005 18:42

Dexter Rexter

When I read your title in the sidebar I was expecting some rant against higher education. I needed a good laugh. I think it's a brilliant idea! I'm going to email my Rep and ask for them to support the bill!

Thanks for posting,